The visitor following this link will also be directed to a 404. When to use 301 redirects? The use of a Lesotho Email List redirect must be beneficial for the visitor, it must especially not be used to divert traffic in an abusive manner. The use of a permanent redirect is relevant in the following cases: To replace content that has disappeared, the 301 redirection allows you to present content approaching the old content that has disappeared, it avoids displaying a 404. To the absence of this 301 redirection is a great classic of poor workmanship in website creation. The consequences are disastrous in terms of SEO, the content being identical for each URL, Google considers it to be duplicate content with all its consequences.

To make several domain names coexist for the same website, this is often the case for historical reasons (takeover of a company in the same sector of activity) or to avoid Typosquatting (malicious purchase of domain names resembling known sites with a spelling error) . During a structural overhaul or an organizational overhaul of your website, example: the removal of a subdomain to redirect to the main domain or vice versa. Conclusion Making a 301 redirect makes it possible to modify URLs and to offer visitors the expected content in a transparent manner vis-à-vis Google by communicating the change of address in a specific way. In the event of bad redirects or abusive redirects, your site may suffer a significant drop in positioning and traffic.

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Web professions are evolving to meet a growing demand for new skills. On the marketing side, focus on the Traffic Manager, more commonly known as Traffic Manager, what are his missions, his profile? ZEN READING traffic manager seoUpdated on October 27, 2020 The Internet has become a complex platform and practices are evolving at breakneck speed. The web professions have been completely transformed in the space of 2 years, notably with the new Google algorithms (example: Google Panda ) . The Web innovates, generates business and its share in the economy of France is growing. This growth of the digital economy generates needs for “new human resources” (1.5 million digital jobs according to McKinsey France)  and recruitments in web professions are increasing automatically. And the Traffic Manager? (or Traffic Manager)


The function of the Traffic Manager complements that of the Community Manager ; The main objective of the Traffic Manager is to develop the audience for the company’s website and the base of new customers. The job of Traffic Manager is at the crossroads of Marketing  and  Communication professions . The company or web agency sets results objectives that guide the Traffic Manager. It generates and tracks traffic through dashboards. traffic-manager-responsible-for-traffic The job description of a Traffic Manager His profile: The Traffic Manager must have an in-depth knowledge of marketing tools, he must understand the functioning of Web applications. It is responsible for traffic acquisition via: The  SEO (SEO, Search Engine Optimization ) ,

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Search engine advertising (SEA) , Social media optimization (SMO) , Marketing on search engines (SEM, Search Engine Marketing). The Traffic Manager must: Have a first experience in paid referencing (management of Adwords campaigns) and natural referencing (SEO) , Analyze data, perform statistical monitoring and optimize company communication via the web, Manage and ensure the purchases of sponsored links, choose the right keywords, manage the rental of databases, … Build, monitor and analyze personalized dashboards on  Google Analytics , analyze page views, click-through rates, (for e-commerce sites, the average cart, page monitoring and optimization, conversion funnels and competitive intelligence) ,

Report to the hierarchy through precise writings (example: on the progression of natural referencing and positioning on a series of keywords), Participate in the budget management of web campaigns. The figure: The salary range for a traffic manager is between 28 K € and 45 K €. ( Sources: Journal du Net) The other “new web professions” The Community Manager He animates and federates communities on the Internet, for a company, a brand, an institution. The ecommerce or web marketer consultant It defines the webmarketing actions and the on-line commercial strategy to be implemented. the Assistant Web Product Manager He reports to the product manager and participates in the management of products such as:  taking photos,

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