a knowledge leader in a certain topic. And which aims to be both recognized and recognized on this subject. An example of thought leadership content is in this article by Karel Baert. As CEO of Feeling, an Turkey Phone Number organization that looks after the affairs of the Belgian financial sector, he himself takes the podium in this opinion piece. Long-form content Blog platform Medium collected data on the most successful articles on their platform. They did this by measuring the average time on the page in relation to the length.

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See Bill Gates’ TED speech from 2015, the various reports from government agencies. Needs As or the pandemic game of GP Olde Louis, which has been training GPs in training for years. Were HIV, Sars, Meres, Ebola, Q fever, and swine flu not ‘early warning signals? To prevent a recurrence of these kinds of crises, organizations are going to do more serious foresight studies and work with future scenarios. The subject of ‘ strategic foresight ‘ will place on the management.

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On the other hand, a set of data collected from the web and social media. Mobile platforms, objects and sensors (IoT), or from external providers (for example Google, Facebook, and Oracle). A survey by Exchange Wire Research and Webroom already highlighted the growing weight of data from social networks in the DMP collection basin a few years ago.

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