A study, made by the University of Ohio in the United States on 219 students, aims to find out whether Facebook is one of the reasons for school failure. Of these Azerbaijan Email List students, 117 graduated and 102 did not graduate. It was found that only 52% of graduates had a Facebook account. While 85% of those who did not graduate have a Facebook account. It is also mentioned that students with a Facebook account spend between 1 and 5 hours per week working while students without an account work an average of 11 to 15 hours per week. We therefore see that social networks, and Facebook in this case, are not innocent and do not orient towards work.

Studies on the subject show that on average, each year, a high school student spends 900 hours in class compared to around 1,200 hours in front of his screens. The same goes for phones. Since we note that 95.6% of adolescents between 12 and 18 years old in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation have a smartphone. The average age of graduation is 13.5 years. It has also been observed that girls spend more time there than boys. The social networks can be a threat to education and affect the concentration of students; it’s up to everyone to be vigilant and take responsibility! But what is GSC? How to use it ? What are its main functions? We will see this together in the following lines.

The analyzes of a certain period

Once logged in, you will have access to many tools that will provide you with valuable information on the capabilities of your site. Thanks to this information, it will be easier to manage your SEO. As soon as you arrive on the Google Search Console, you can enjoy a complete summary of the latest data collected . In the left column, the complete tools will provide you with precise statistics to improve your SEO . Among these tools, you will find. URL inspection is a tool that will analyze the indexing of URLs in your domain. If GSC believes that some pages need improvement, the platform will let you know.

Each element will then be listed to fully optimize your site. A very interesting boost for your SEO. This part of Google Search Console is very useful. Indeed, you will find, here, the various data concerning your total impressions and clicks , as well as the average position of your pages in Google. From this information, you can implement many actions to improve your SEO or your conversion funnel by adapting your web space to these statements. This section will also be a good way to understand your visitors. You will be able to find certain information there such as.

The GSC gives you a complete overview

Finally, it is possible to configure the data to isolate. For example, if you want to analyze your site over the last 90 days, this is possible with Google Search Console. Inbound and outbound links are grouped together in this section. Here, you will be able to visualize the complete netlinking of your site. Links are very important for the SEO of your website. Indeed, well placed, they will be essential in your Google positioning strategy . In addition, it is essential that your inbound links arrive from quality sites respecting the niche of your web space. These will bring you a lot of traffic very quickly. The links section gives you a quick overview of the inbound and outbound links of your website.

Of the state of your website . From the number of impressions to the number of clicks, including grouping and viewing the different links, it offers valuable information. Another advantage of registering your site on the Google Search Console is that it is completely free. Indeed, the many “tool sites” on the Internet are very often paying. Google provides you with this console to allow you to quickly place yourself on its search engine. Complementary to Analytics and Adsense, GSC is part of the suite of software that will absolutely have to be installed to optimize your site. In conclusion, GSC is a tool that cannot be ignored by website owners. Indeed, a real analytical asset, you will find many services to improve your internet space.

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