JavaScript was not standardized by web browsers. That is to say that a code could or not work Uruguay Email List depending on the browser. Fortunately nowadays, this is no longer the case 🙂 Java vs Javascript Here we are talking about JavaScript , we breathe it, we even eat it so we are not talking about Java at all. JavaScript is directly implemented in html unlike Java which must be compiled. In addition, Java must be loaded into memory (client) each time a page is loaded, which explains the slowing down of Java applets . Java vs JavascriptJava vs Javascript Remember that Js is a very loosely typed language but it is Case sensitive.

In other words, it is case sensitive. Concretely, “  Hello () ; “And”  hello ();  Do not have the same value. Additionally, the code can end with a semicolon. Let me explain: If you omit a semicolon, the Javascript will consider that it is the end of this piece of code;) Ok, but what does javascript look like? Imagine a magic potion that will give you over-vitaminized Html . To begin with, the potion is introduced like this: scriptThe script tag The browser will take care of interpreting your Js and if you have an error in the console, it means that the magic potion is not working well. For the diagnosis, take a look in the Google Dev Console and you will have this:

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ErrorJS error in the Google console Note that you can also introduce comments in your code to gain readability, comments are written like this: JavaScript commentsJavaScript comments Js Frameworks framework-jsframework-js Jquery Jquery is a Js library that will make your life easier, this library was created by John Resig in 2006. JavaScript took a long time to be “normalized” on all browsers and it was a real headache! Fortunately, Jquery arrived and he broke everything in his path! The latter acts as an overlay and ensures backward compatibility with all older browsers. No need for code tests anymore, Jquery is here to do the job.


In addition, its simplified syntax allows you to implement your Jquery plugins with just one line. This is insane! Over time, Jquery tends to lose its interest since JavaScript takes its revenge and catches up with the delay thanks to its Vanilla version (original) . AngularJs AngularJs was born on Google’s premises in 2009 following a 17,000 command line project called Google Feedback . Brad Green and Shyam Seshadri seeing the titanic code, proposed to rethink their code with an in- house framework . The framework had only 1,500 lines of code. This is how a story was born, that of AngularJs.

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The latter, using guidelines, allows you to create your own Web app . Its strength lies in the Html. And yes it’s amazing from a JS Framework but the latter is based on HTML to make scopes. To conclude JavaScript is almost everywhere today! From Facebook to suggestion during a keystroke through a 3D Tetris, Javascript is essential to make a web page dynamic and interactive. The Js has a  future ahead of it!  Hello everyone ! A CSS preprocessor helps you in writing your style sheets. What does it bring and should you use it?

ZEN READING CSS preprocessorsUpdated September 10, 2021 The goal is not to say “using a CSS preprocessor is bad, you have to hard code!” ” Nor  ” css preprocessors are great, you don’t have to hard-code anymore! ” I just want to show you how much these preprocessors save a lot of time in web development. For that, I offer you a small overview of these war machines cut for CSS. What is a CSS preprocessor? A CSS preprocessor is a “program” or module under Node.js  (for Less and Sass) which interprets your source code to generate standard web code: CSS. They are dynamic CSS generators. LESS and Sass ( S yntactically A wesome S tyle s heet) are the most used CSS preprocessors.

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