It is also essential to explain the graphic universe that you want to project and adopt. Even if it means selecting graphic identities (from your sector and outside the sector) that you like and giving the reasons. Creative briefing is a Guatemala Email List term that can also be used in the field of the web. It will be different and more complete because it takes into account the technical aspects and SEO. Creative briefing for the web is more commonly referred to as specifications. It allows the client to ask the right questions before carrying out his website creation or  redesign project . Beyond the graphic aspect of web design , it also poses technical issues related to the tree structure and referencing .

The specifications are as important for the client as for the web agency before the establishment of a quote and the realization of the project. It makes it possible to formalize the needs, expectations and objectives taking into account the constraints and to border the whole for both parties. The communication agency or the web agency can guide you in your specifications because some steps are not easy to fill in for novices. Any company needs web and / or print communication support to communicate about its activity, promote its products and services. Before designing the communication medium, the creative brief is essential for both the client and the service provider.

The creative brief is synonymous with

Google announced at the end of 2016 the creation of an Index Mobile First, what is it exactly? When will it be deployed and how to prepare to take advantage of this SEO opportunity? With the deployment of an Index Mobile First , Google aims to offer more qualitative search results on Mobile. Indeed, searches carried out on Smartphones are the majority while the search results provided by Google are always based on the relevance of the desktop version of each web page. The Mobile First Index will be a specific index to classify web pages adapted for mobiles.  The ranking of the pages in the results in this new index will therefore be based on the Mobile version of a web page and not on the version adapted to the PC.


Most people today search Google on a mobile device. However, our ranking systems generally rely on the content of the desktop version of a page to assess its relevance to the user. This causes problems when the mobile page has less content than the page in its desktop version because our algorithms do not evaluate the page actually seen by a mobile internet user. Source: Google Concretely, the Google algorithm and its filters classify the web pages of a single index, tomorrow there will be two. This future evolution in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)  may have significant impacts in terms of SEO .

When will the Mobile First Index be rolled out?

Google announced the creation of its mobile first index on Friday, November 4, 2016. Initially scheduled for 2017, the deployment of this new index will probably be postponed to 2018. This postponement was hinted at by Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst at the Next10x conference held in Boston on April 5, 2017. The delay in the deployment of the Mobile-First index was confirmed by Gary Illyes at the occasion of the SMX Advanced (SEO and SEM conference) on June 12 and 14, 2017. To maintain and improve the natural referencing of your website, it is very important to prepare before the deployment of the mobile index.

The speech of the spokesperson for Google on this point is reassuring: it will be progressive and non- responsive sites (not suitable for mobile) will not be penalized. The deployment of this new index will still fundamentally change the analysis of a site by Google. Even if sites that are not suitable for mobile viewing will not be impacted in the launch phase of the index, they will necessarily be in the future. Google has in fact planned to have the two indexes coexist for a period of approximately 5 years . At the end of this cohabitation, only the mobile first index will be maintained. Question: what will happen to the sites not selected in this new index?

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