Aligning sales goals with the company’s strategic planningarticles you need to know gustavo paulillo view on linkedin share with your team good internet blogs are an excellent source of sales articles. Sales articles share with your team there are more than 70 tips in 10 sales articles covering everything from planning. Preparation and prospecting to negotiation and closing. Here on the agendor blog we make a point of addressing various subjects about administration. Entrepreneurship and leadership. But of course articles about sales are some of  after.

That’s because sellers have to update themselves all the time and always be on top of the best books. Techniques and news in the area. After all. Hitting goals requires dedication. Talent and. Of course. Knowledge! See how to be more productive and efficient in sales with our free downloadable guide in it you will see how to organize and take advantage of the relationship with your customers to sell more and better. Cover-guide-productive-efficient-sales.png name corporate email office qty of salespeople in the company field of activity want to receive sales secrets and tips?

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You gather all these skills in one place. Remember Ivory Coast Phone Number some concepts and learn about others. We have listed in this post the 10 most successful sales articles on our blog . Read and learn more and more how to deal with the challenges of your profession on a daily basis. And for those who want even more information about sales. We suggest downloading our e-book: guide: how to be more productive and efficient in sales . Sales articles good blogs on the internet are an excellent source of sales articles. Top 10 sales articles get ready to review.

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Learn about or delve into subjects covered in various sales texts on our blog. 1. Want to become a super salesperson? This sales article outlines the 6 steps you should take to close a deal. For each of the steps. The post gives tips and techniques that will help you achieve results. Check out: 1. Be prepared 2. Confirm what you’ve discovered 3. Propose 4. Negotiate 5. Close the deal 6. Make a commitment see in detail: the 6 steps that will show you how to be a super salesperson .

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Stay on top of the best techniques! Many salespeople prospect very well. Have a good customer base. But sometimes they are so excited about the sale that they end up making a deal that is not so favorable for the company. Here’s how to avoid this: 1. Trade based on pico principles. 2. Analyze the forces at play: power. Time and information. 3. Know the 5 negotiation styles. 4. Use the mapan technique: best alternative to a negotiated agreement. 5.

Establish the zopa: possible zone of agreement. Learn more in the original post: the 5 rules of the art of negotiation you need to know . 3. 6 more sales techniques that focus on understanding what the customer wants introducing the differences between features. Advantages and benefits of a product or service. This is one of the most interesting articles on sales that we publish on the blog. It can help you understand what benefit of your solution really matters to the buyer. Worth reading: 6 sales and service techniques that bring results .

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