Tip: Preferably use a browser that you hardly ever use, it will be Guadeloupe Email List  easier to keep it “clean” and you will not risk losing your browsing preferences and your saved passwords if you make an error. To make sure you know your exact location, you can also use an incognito window in your favorite browser . You can also use an untracked search engine using Google’s algorithm such as Startpage . After performing these operations, you can test your positioning on Google again, in most cases you will find a different result. Example of placement test: impact of search options on The objective of this example is to show you the impact of an Internet user’s position on the ranking of a web page in search results.

Conditions for carrying out the placement test: Browser used: Internet Explorer with an empty cache and without any search bar; Selected keywords: website and web agency redesign; Locations chosen in the search options: Lyon, Paris, Brest and Compiègne. Other important information: the web agency AntheDesign is located in Attichy, 20 minutes from Compiègne. Positioning test results: Keyword: website redesign Lyon: 1 st Paris: 1 st Brest: 1 st Compiègne: 1 st Keyword: web agency Lyon: 8  th Paris: 16  th Brest: 9  th Compiègne: 2  nd sreenshoot positioning on google request website redesign parisScreenshot: Google positioning result on the website redesign request,

Positioning Monitoring Methods

search located in Paris. Conclusion of the test: We clearly observe a homogeneity of the positioning results on the keyword website redesign, this keyword is therefore not sensitive to the position of the user. On the other hand, on the keyword web agency, the positions are sensitive to the location of the Internet user. This variation is rather logical, a web agency being a place, Google will favor web agencies close to the Internet user, the positioning of the anthedesign site on these requests is to the credit of a strong  SEO optimization . To conclude on “manual” positioning tests From experience, very few website owners know the exact position


of their web pages in Google search results,


very often the positions advertised correspond to those of a regular visitor, so they are excellent! Unfortunately, once the browser cache is cleared, the positions are often worse than those initially announced. To learn more about SEO and positioning: Referencing, let’s talk about SEO, Act IV: Local SEO How to place yourself on the first page of Google thanks to natural referencing? Positioning audit: Why and how to audit your site? From paintings by Lascaux to the Webdesign of a website, what are the evolutions of graphics and what is the role of the graphic designer? LECTURE ZEN graphic designUpdated on February 10, 2021 Let’s start with a definition of graphics The graphic design is a discipline to develop an object of communication  to promote,

educate or inform (the created object can also be linked to culture) . Graphic design is the creation, selection and use of graphic elements , such as typographical characters, drawings, colors, photos… “Graphic design can be defined as the formal processing of information and knowledge. The graphic designer is then a mediator who acts on the conditions of reception and appropriation of the information and knowledge that he puts into shape. » Annick Lantenois, Art historian by training The vertigo of the tightrope walkerThe vertigo of the tightrope walker, Annick Lantenois A little history,

The founding elements of graphics and by extension those of visual communication originate from the Lascaux caves (between 18,000 and 15,000 years BC) , the cave paintings thus mark the origin of graphics . Later will come the birth of writing in Mesopotamia (around 3500 BC) . The graphics will then follow human evolution, that of writing and finally that of the massive distribution of images. painting animals-lascaux-origin graphicsPainting of animals in the Lascaux caves – the origin of graphics The classic graphics: from 700 BC until the end of XIX th century Classic graphics are essentially built around the letter:

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