The logo takes the shape of a planet, but also of the dome of the building as well as the “O” of the observatory. The small dots represent a constellation. The color yellow symbolizes the stars and the sun, black the night and the Germany Email Database nothingness of space. Our agency has also been sporting a new graphic charter since 2017. It uses variations of pink and orange colors for creativity, communication and dynamism . The linden leaf in the logo represents growth and movement . The typography is simple, modern and above all remains clearly legible . There are many ways around the fight against SPAM.

Often used by administrators, domain name owners and end users to stop spam from our inboxes? The majority of e-mail spamming relies on analysis of keywords or tracked phrases. Rules analyze the content of an email for reasons and more or less clear words in the email. These rules make it very easy and quick to recognize most simple and crude spam. Consider making use of greylisting . This is a technique in which the SMTP server broadcasts a provisional rejection for an incoming message, rather than a perpetual rejection. When the delivery is started a few minutes later, the SMTP server will therefore accept the message.

What types of technologies are most

Greylisting helps block certain spam software that is not robust enough to differentiate between temporary and persistent garbage. URL Protection inspects websites and links in emails for reputational reputation, before message delivery and at the time of click, blocking hidden and delayed action charges. It is then possible to return the analysis of a link to a third-party service to ensure its validity. This technique is very useful against phishing . You can also use the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to prevent email spoofing by showing which internet hosts are allowed to deliver mail for a specific domain name. This scan helps block emails from spoofed email addresses.


And growing businesses need predictive email security in order to dominate today’s threats, and see the future more peacefully. Artificial Intelligence is a major partner in the battle against online spam , because it participates in the evolution of automatic detection according to new forms of load. In general, there are three different types of anti-spam programs. For anti-spam software which is installed on client workstations, all mail will be downloaded to the user’s e-mail box. As regards spam e-mails, that is to say those which are advertised as dangerous by antiviruses, they will be automatically put in a separate folder, most often in a quarantine folder. Usually this is the Outlook , or other program type of spam defense .

Today’s threat landscape is active and rapid

For other types of anti-spam programs or materials, these are conclusions that are established on mail servers or even outsourced to a company. These types of anti-spam software can offer more possibilities, such as verification of the SMTP protocol, “hoax” or also control by DNS. Antispam software and antivirus software often work together. They set certain criteria that can help you spot spam, using keywords or skilfully defined attached files. Usually, a message containing a URL will be observed in more depth by tools of this type. From the server, the detection of spaming begins with collaborations between the incoming correspondence servers that are on the internet. It is thus possible to find blacklists of addresses on certain servers. These list the addresses and domain names of spam senders.

Also called natural referencing, it is “free”. Be careful, this does not mean that you will not have to make a financial investment. It requires specific skills, so it is better to call on an SEO expert , at the risk of wasting a lot of time. SEO positioning in the first results depends mainly on the content with high added value , the internal mesh of your site, and your netlinking strategy . You must also be relevant in the choice of keywords on which you place yourself, at the risk of suffering a high bounce rate. The SEA corresponds to paid search . As with placing a classified ad, you pay, through an auction system, the presence of your link at the top of the search results pages.

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