For example, the appearance of in a former Nazi camp in Auschwitz led to the game being banned and the camp’s removed from the app. Source: Le What is the Scotland Email List reaction to the Go game? The mixture of the universe and the real universe and the very rapid success of this game are talking about more than one… pokemon go This game has become in just a week the most downloaded application in the Android Play Store. Go fans are obsessed and those who thought it was child’s play get intrigued and hooked. Source: Similar web article ‘Go: The Data Behind America’s Latest Obsession’.

Niantic urges players to “remain aware of their surroundings”. Players can become a danger to themselves or to others by trying to catch a critter. In Australia and the United States, some establishments such as police stations, hospitals, businesses, have hung signs to prevent players from entering in order to catch the that appear everywhere. Some incongruous scenes are told on social networks. For example in New York, hundreds of players stormed Central Park: There was a rare around. People rushed in en to try to capture him. According to rumors on the networks, some people have quit their jobs to become a professional trainer!

The Selfie, Why Such A Success?

In France, the gendarmerie has published two tips about Go: It is forbidden to play Pokémon Go while driving, It is essential to pay attention to your surroundings when playing Go while walking. These two tips make you smile but they prevent accidents in view of past anecdotes since the game’s release this summer. Source: The Cosmopolitan. A concern regarding this game is expressed by John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic . The global launch has been delayed due to overflows and technical issues, which will increase if new players continue to arrive in droves from all over the planet. Source: Business Insider Australia. John hanke


Why such a craze for the selfie? ZEN READING selfieUpdated on February 12, 2021 What is a selfie? The word “selfie” first appeared in 2002 on an Australian online discussion forum. In 2013, it is the new word of the year in the English language, recognized by the Oxford English Dictionnary . It is a derivation of self, a common name meaning “the me”. It is used as a reflective personal pronoun: y ourself   (yourself) , myself   (yourself) . Source: Mediapart Selfie A selfie is a photographic snapshot of your own person taken with a smartphone and posted on social networks.

All Types Of People And All Ages

The explosion in the use of social networks such as Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat, etc. has greatly contributed to the development of the selfie phenomenon. The Snapchat network has been able to ride the wave with the development of different applications that add fun effects to selfies. snapchat melanie Smartphone manufacturers have also surfed on this trend by generalizing the second camera across their entire range. This second camera allows you to take a picture while avoiding contortions. Samsung has even launched the “  Underwater Selfie ” underwater selfie  . Underwater The interest of a selfie? Why take a picture of yourself and post it on social media?

Everyone is doing it: politicians, singers and even men of the church like Pope Francis for example. The reason is simple, the selfie allows you to build yourself and show a nice image . It is a living and natural photo, which can be intimate and bring its identity to life according to its activities. This photographic self-portrait is mainly used by young people to show themselves, to stage their daily life, to tell their story and to communicate it with their friends. Brands, companies, artists, politicians, use the selfie to communicate a message for marketing purposes . Building a community of committed fans around a brand is increasingly essential for branding .

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