It is still a relatively young profession and the practice existed before the first training. It is a profession that requires self-training and constant monitoring of the Sierra Leone Email List development of search engines and referencing techniques. Note that there is a professional license  “Referencer and Web Writer”  dispensed at the IUT of Mulhouse since 2008. There are also other initial training from the bac +2 level where natural referencing is widely discussed. You can consult them on the Internet career portal . For current employees, the non-degree continuing education offer is more comprehensive. The qualities required Beyond the technical knowledge essential to the exercise of the profession, to become a good web SEO, the following qualities are essential:

Curiosity, versatility, rigor, pragmatism, autonomy and a sense of organization, a passion for web professions, an ability to listen and analyze, good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team, dynamism and a creative spirit, good writing skills, … In order to identify all of the SEO issues, it is necessary to add to this list a mastery of the functional aspects of the company, of communication and of marketing. How to become an SEO consultant? It all depends on your profile: If you are still a student, the most relevant advice is to orient yourself towards the license in SEO and web writing from the University of Mulhouse.

The Profile Of Seo Consultants

For all the others, willpower, a lot of reading and practice allow them to learn the basics of the trade and to improve their skills. The majority of resources for training are in fact available on the Internet. You can start by reading all of Google’s recommendations available on its official webmaster blog . In any case, it is above all a profession for the curious and passionate. Where do SEO consultants work? An SEO consultant can work in 3 different environments: A  web agency, an SEO agency or a referencing agency for different clients, very small businesses, SMEs, large groups, On his behalf as a self-employed person (freelance),


With an advertiser, usually a large group (in-house). How much does an SEO consultant earn? The referencing professions do not escape certain discrimination between men and women on the salary side. Men are 34% to earn between 26 K € and 36 K € gross per year against 31% for women. 50% of women earn less than 25 K € gross per year against 32% of men. Salaries increase over the years, from 10 years of professional experience salaries can exceed 60 K € gross per year for SEO experts. salary consultant seo france 2015Infographic produced by SEO Camp as part of its 2015 study on the profile of web SEOs in France. DOWNLOAD THE FULL INFOGRAPHIC To conclude, the activity of

There Is No Such Thing As A

Do you know about permission marketing ? SEO consultant  is one of the rare specialized professions open to all, where professional skills and experience take precedence over the diploma. If you are passionate about SEO and if self-training does not scare you, go for it! From webmarketing to Inbound Marketing , how do you navigate all these marketing techniques? Decryption of permission marketing, a technique that is still not widely used in France. What is the origin of permission marketing? Permission marketing is not a new marketing technique . In 1946, Kurt Lewin (an American psychologist specializing in social and behavioral psychology)

Is the founder of a line of research based on the notion of group dynamics. He brought permission marketing to the fore through the experience of the importance of consumer decision making . A good example of this type of marketing is the Tupperware strategy: Turn strangers into friends and friends into consumers. Then, Seth Godin, author, speaker and former head of direct marketing at Yahoo, revisits the marketing permission. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin For Seth Godin, the 4 operating rules of permission marketing are: The permission does not transfer, The contact acquired during a marketing permission strategy can  not be exchanged or sold under penalty of destroying the relationship  of trust acquired between the brand and its target .

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