although some of them are not answered when the audience is too large or too heterogeneous. methods of personas 12022021 2 The different types of persona profiles Primary personas : the target audience initially desired by the project. Secondary personas : These are larger users who only Norfolk Island Email List a little bit of information or functionality from your site. For example, a visitor to a merchant site can simply come and collect an invoice with no intention to purchase. Tertiary personas : all users directly or indirectly linked to your site. Overall, these are Internet users who come from extremely targeted searches or from other sites through backlinks .


The design of a website is based on the answers obtained after having defined the groups of Internet users and each typical profile by the method of personas. List of non-exhaustive questions to ask yourself to qualify your target audience Is it a homogeneous or heterogeneous audience? In what sector of activity is it present? What is the age range of the users? What is the level of education of the public? What are the skills of the Internet users present?

And Each Fictitious Character Studied Brings His Share Of Information

What is the gender of the majority of visitors? What professional status is the site aimed at? Senior manager, manager, employee, job seeker? Is the public aware of the Web and new tools? What are the general expectations of users? Does the site quickly meet their expectations? What are the obstacles and opportunities available to the public? It is also possible to enrich the questionnaire or the standard profile with more technical requests since it concerns web technologies. persona method DOWNLOAD THE QUESTIONNAIRE IN PDF FORMAT

For example, it is strongly recommended to analyze the browsers commonly used to browse web pages as well as the associated screen resolutions, the surrounding operating system but also the preferred tools for browsing (mobiles, tablets, Mac computers or PCs , etc.) . Also, let’s not forget to specify whether users prefer reading on screen or printing on paper, in which case the design will have to offer style sheets suitable for printers. What to remember about the persona method

Target Audience And Not The Other Way Around

This article does not pretend to provide you with all the answers concerning the method of personas or the establishment of standard profiles, but it is advisable to get used to these techniques to always give more consistency to your web pages. Most websites or small projects only require extensive work on primary personas . In addition to the work of reflection carried out on the competition, the creation of standard profiles with the persona method offers additional information that can make the difference. Tags

It is associated with black, gray, silver, gold. It is a color that can be used on all types of websites. noirNoir This strong color is associated with elegance, authority, power, strength, intelligence, death, mystery, cosmetics. Be careful, too much black can seem macabre. GrayGray Combined with professionalism, pragmatism, gray is a good choice for professional websites, such as SPAs, jewelers. It brings a balanced and relaxing feeling.

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