Some web design trends are coming back, others are leaving. It is a dance of back and forth to the rhythm of technological developments. What are the Colombia Email Address web design trends 2018? It operates in a similar fashion, but taking the Internet user and his intention as a starting point rather than the keywords . Segmentation only comes second. The structural organization is the same as for a silo. Except that the links associate the pages by semantic proximity and not by theme. Of course, it is quite possible to use both architectures for a more efficient internal mesh . But be careful not to lose your visitors along the way… nor the search engine robots!

The web follows the trend and the permanent evolution of technologies and uses. For 2018, some rules will be broken and old trends are emerging from the closet. Among them, we list the main web design trends for this new year. What is the TOP 10 of web and web design 2018? The 2018 web design  must be “modern” while adapting to new technologies. Indeed, while remaining aesthetic, the creation of original and unique layouts is essential! We must not lose sight of the fact that the primary objectives of a website are to. Arouse the curiosity of the Internet user to make him want to go to a site and stay there..

As with fashion or architecture

Google has notably put online a mobile optimization test to check the compatibility of a web page on a smartphone. With the ongoing deployment  of Google’s mobile-first index , the compatibility of a website for display on mobile is all the more important. The AGP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a specific web page format for mobile created by Google is increasingly used to reduce the time of loading of websites on smartphones. In 2018, the web design of a website must be compatible for display on mobile to be included in the mobile first index. A website must have a suitable User Interface ( UI ) with a clear presentation of the menu. Moreover, the “hamburger button” also called “side menu” is very popular.


One-page websites, more commonly referred to as “One Page”, are making a comeback. In fact, Internet users are surfing more and more on their mobile devices, which implies a change in navigation rules and a search for simplicity and ease. Also, habits are changing and moving from one page to another on a website is done less and less on mobile. This is why more and more sites are moving towards scrolling. This is because it is more convenient and faster for mobile users to scroll through the one and only page of a website. The One Page is of course reserved for simple sites with relatively little information to display.

A static web page is particularly

Suitable for a One Page type site whose content changes very little. For sites with multiple pages, there is an alternative to dynamic CMS with a static CMS like  Grav . Constant interaction and interactive storytelling are fast growing trends, they should be taken into account when designing the website. Forms of informative presentations deliver information while engaging the Internet user. These interactive elements that make up the man-machine interface have the effect of improving the user experience. For 2018, the typography is obviously revisited. Indeed, until now it was strongly discouraged to mix sizes and fonts.

For this new year, the trend will be to use different font sizes that can facilitate reading as well as understanding the content. The message is more readable and therefore better assimilated by the Internet user. It is now possible to mix the titles, types and sizes of the font, for example the use of Serif for an h1 title and one without Serif for the h2. The choice of the right typographies must make it possible to obtain an aesthetic result. This tendency to mix up sizes and fonts is not suitable for all types of content. This is because using this typography set for anything that requires serious reading, such as a blog post, can affect readability.

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