In particular (more than 93% of pdm in France) . If your site cannot be found and crawled to Syria Email List rank in Google, it will be difficult for you to increase traffic to your website. This statement is even more true if you operate in a very competitive industry. Investing time or money in SEO optimization of your site pays off. The return on investment (ROI Return on investment) will always be higher than that of other acquisition channels (SEA and SMO) over the long term. Indeed, SEO costs “less” and allows you to be less dependent on paid channels like AdWords . A well implemented natural referencing strategy allows you to gain positions on competitive keywords.

With the effects of better profitability and a valuation of your domain name . Setting up an effective SEO strategy is necessarily a profitable investment! SEO strategy for natural referencing Build a natural referencing strategy: targets, objectives, keywords and content To set up a natural referencing strategy based on the production of quality content, it is essential to respect these 6 steps: Identify your targets, Define your goals, Choose the right keywords , Produce optimized content , Measure the results obtained, Implement corrective actions. The targeted target (s) A web referencing strategy requires a detailed analysis of the target audience to be successful.

For The Majority Of Websites

The success of a natural referencing strategy is not only based on a good idea, it must be based on solid prerequisites and the study of the public referred to is one of them. The persona method allows you to define one or more targets, you still have to define precisely your project, products or services and identify some opinions and advice from those around you before implementing the persona method. persona method Many e-commerce sites present their products and services without having previously studied the behavior of visitors. Even though there are a lot of similarities between a physical store and an e-commerce,


The customer base can be very different. The groups of Internet users formed by the persona method make it possible to obtain trends in the use of a website. The typical profile of each visitor can be useful for adding additional and adapted functionalities. Below is a non-exhaustive list of questions to ask yourself to qualify a target audience: Will it be a homogeneous or heterogeneous audience? In what sector of activity is it present? What will be the age group of future users of the site? What will your target’s educational level be? What will be the skills of the Internet users present? What will be the gender of the majority of visitors?

Building A Seo Strategy In 6 Steps

What professional status is the site aimed at? Senior manager, manager, student, employee, job seeker,…? Will the public be made aware of the Web and new technologies? What will be the main general expectations of users? Will the site respond quickly to their expectations? What obstacles and opportunities will be made available to the public? Most websites or small projects only require extensive work on primary personas. In addition to the work of reflection carried out on the competition, the creation of standard profiles with the method of personas offer additional information that can make the difference in the construction of a natural referencing strategy.

Goals Even if you feel ready to produce SEO optimized content right away , it is important to define your strategy well in order to achieve your goals. Before producing content, it is important to know for whom, why you are writing and for what purposes? Each goal comes with an appropriate type of content, we speak of content marketing or content marketing . Some objectives: Route your leads to the next step in your conversion funnel, Establish your expertise, Generate new prospects, Sell ​​products or services, Retain your customers, Engage influencers, Educate your visitors, Raise awareness and inform your readers. Choice of keywords:

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