The traffic analysis and word reverse

Amazon keyword promotion and Amazon keyword monitoring methods Regan across bordersJuly 2, 2023 1:28Reading (70)Comment(0) search here both belong to the category of keyword reverse search. Traffic analysis is similar to version 2.0 of keyword reverse search. You can see more specifically how much traffic this keyword brings to competing products and also have accurate keyword ranking information. Here I would like to share with you some methods on keyword promotion and keyword monitoring: 1: How to use tools to check the source of keyword traffic for your own products and competing products.

What are the key analysis data indicators

The color is used to distinguish the data capture time. The natural rankings and advertising rankings of these ASINs are updated on a rolling basis by ASIN and are updated every day, but the update time is not fixed for different ASINs. ASINs with traffic word count >1000, updated every 4 hours  Phone Number List ASINs with traffic words between 500-1000, updated every 8 hours ASINs with traffic word count <500 will be updated every 12 hours There is also an SPR indicator.

Blue represents the data captured today

Phone Number List We can use this indicator to roughly determine how many orders our product will produce for this keyword within a certain period of time to meet the requirements for entering the first three pages: SellerSprite Product Rank, the 8-day estimated sales volume that can keep the keyword ranking on the first page of the BEB Directory   search results. For example, SPR=280, it means that the product’s 8-day sales volume needs to reach 280 to maintain the keyword ranking on the first page of the search results.

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