The viral trick that insulates windows

The cold that hits Spain and the first snowfalls that cover a large part of the territory have caused radiators and heating to rise in temperature in many homes. To prevent your heating bill from skyrocketing, various ingenious solutions have been spread in recent months. So much has been the case that social networks have served as a breeding ground for popular imagination. Which has proposed effective as well as economical solutions and tricks to conserve heat in the home and even increase it. Without having to turn on the heating. A simple trick that Spaniards can use to increase the interior temperature of the.

Other tips to insulate your home from the cold

The account Madrid” has published this advice on its profile. With it, as he explains, the temperature inside homes can increase by even four Armenia Phone Number Database degrees. For it: First you have to remove the blind box Then, it is opened and the thermal insulator is placed around the axis of the blind. Once this is done and with the windows fully insulated. We can enjoy those 3 or 4 degrees more heat in our home. Winter is a time when we want to maintain a pleasant and comfortable temperature in our home. Without spending too much energy. And it is not always necessary to do major works to improve the thermal.

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Check the walls and ceilings of your house

If there are cracks, gaps or joints where the cold seeps in, you can seal them with putty or foam. You can also apply a layer of paint or varnish with a high insulating factor. Use appropriate materials to insulate : You Canada Phone Number List can place rugs, blankets or cushions on the floor to prevent it from getting too hot. Adjust the temperature of the thermostat : Do not set the thermostat too low or too high, but at a comfortable but not excessive level. This way you can save energy and avoid health problems due to sudden changes in temperature. Take advantage of sunlight and its heat.

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