On FacebookUpdated May 17, 2021 While everyone expected a “I don’t like” reaction, this one did not appear. Facebook wanted to keep the pleasant aspect of its South Sudan Email List use and avoid being a source of conflict. Check out the new Facebook reactions below. “We don’t want to turn Facebook into a forum where people vote for or against people’s posts,” said Marc Zuckerberg, the founder of the social network to more than 1 billion users. Now we have the choice between six reactions which translate as “I like”, the “I love”, the “Haha”, the “Wouah”, the “Sad” and the “Grrr”. reactions on facebook The goal ? Officially, allow users better interactivity with publications.

If the official goal of Facebook seems laudable, it seems more strategic internally. In fact, when you put “Like” on a post, it implicitly indicated to Facebook that you wanted to see more content of this type on your news feed. Now if you love to be contradicted and to debate, expect to see your news feed inundated with controversial articles, ditto if you love images of animals etc. Facebook’s algorithm simply transposes the methods of television news to convey emotions. Indeed, studies specific to the social network have shown that the layout of the news feed was able to make people happy or sad depending on the proportion of positive or negative posts displayed.

New Ways Of Reacting To A

This is where the advertisements come into play. Thanks to your reactions on Facebook on various publications, the social network will be in a better position to offer you interesting advertisements and therefore to maximize the return on the investment of its professional clients. A laudable objective on the face of it, but very strategic in reality, therefore… as the documentary “ Behind our smoke screens ” shows us so well . A lot of ink has been written about content marketing and businesses are using it more and more. But what exactly is Content Marketing?


ZEN READING content marketingUpdated September 6, 2021 The content marketing is a strategy of production of informative content , it aims to promote: the story, identity, company values , and its brand. It makes it possible to deliver informative, relevant and interesting content to a targeted audience using different forms and different vectors such as: blog, website , e-book, white paper , newsletter, social networks … What is content marketing? The content marketing also known as the content marketing, copywriting , but also editorial strategy is a marketing strategy . Companies use this communication strategy to gain new customers. Content marketing is also one of the pillars of Inbound Marketing .

It differs from marketing and traditional advertising because of the tools used, such as  storytelling and  social networks . Content marketing focuses on communicating with customers and prospects. As with traditional advertising, it is possible to measure the return on investment of a content strategy (ROI) . To measure the return on investment, define performance indicators (KPI) and analyze them, these KPIs can be for example: The conversion rates of the pages concerned, The purchasing journey of its customers, The average basket amount … For a business, content marketing is about generating a business opportunity.

We Also Use The Term Lead Nurturing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing useful, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain target audiences. Translation by Content arketing Institute . The objectives of content marketing The objectives of content marketing are to seduce and retain its audience by communicating an interesting message, the message must be relevant and of high added value. Your audience enjoys following you and retains its loyalty because your content interests them and / or arouses curiosity. The goal is to create and define content for different uses such as SEO , mailing , social networks …

You have the possibility to write text content, insert videos , visuals, which will develop emotional connections and thus the notoriety of your business. Emotional connections should emanate from sincere and real emotions and experiences. If so, you are lacking in naturalness and spontaneity, and your audience may feel cheated and manipulated. The Principles of Content Marketing, Journal du NetThe Principles of Content Marketing, Journal du Net The advantages of content marketing Doing long-term content marketing allows the company to be legitimate and credible , while improving the SEO of its website.

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