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Friendly and lively Humble and helpful If you already have a strong brand identity the voice and tone of your blog will likely come from that. However remember that your blog is an independent entity. Define how it sounds what it represents and what emotion you want the article to evoke. Terminology in specific instructions formal/informal degree of weirdness use of humor etc. writing rules While voice and tone guidelines are more about the soul of your blog writing rules define the skeleton of your blog content. These include spelling for example British vs.

With these guidelines in place

American formatting paragraph length capitalization title formatting and more. you can more easily achieve the same level of quality across all your blog posts and new authors. PRO TIPS Write all your blogging rules and guidelines into one coherent document. It will serve as an instruction Phone Number List manual for your blog that you can share with your  contributing authors and come back to when you need to develop your blogging strategy I wish someone had told me this sooner. . Track your success Having a blog content strategy is great but you also need a key performance indicator KPI to track how well your strategy is working over time. If your boss is curious about how your blog is doing you can also show this to him.

This may sound simple but you just need

If youre starting out with a blog traffic is probably the most actionable key performance indicator KPI you can track BED Directory using Google Analytics . to write the content spread it and gain traction in the early stages. Once you get to this stage its wise to move to measuring a more powerful KPI like your organic voice share . This will tell you how visible your brand is in organic search relative to your competitors. You can learn about your organic voice share by using Rank Track Add the keywords you want to rank for Increase your competition

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