Have you ever left a website because you didn’t like its design, and that without even taking into account the content? This is why having a strong visual identity is necessary. It is a quick, memorable, and enjoyable way to show who Argentina Email Address you are and what you do. It is a little the soul of your company which would be translated by graphic elements. It must include. The reputation of a company is built on its reliability, its authenticity. And also on the way in which it conveys its know-how. It is part of the harmonization that each company , whatever its size, must generate in order to provide a uniform image on all its media .

Vehicles, showcase, social networks … The graphic charter also helps to disseminate your messages in a pleasant and explicit way to your audience. As you have perfectly optimized them, the elements of your graphic charter, available on your site, are therefore the perfect reflection of your business. The latter consequently becomes, through a clear and explicit visual identity, an important link between your company and your audience (customers, suppliers, partners). It allows your brand to express itself (messages, content, images, etc.) while maintaining homogeneity and consistency. In addition, visitors, thanks to the harmony of the elements of the charter on the pages of the site, will very quickly memorize your brand.

Such as business cards

They must want to go to your portal to discover your specificities. Nowadays, and more particularly with the pandemic, less and less physical contact is established between the company and its customers. The latter are now using the power of the Internet for their purchases, in particular which implies increasingly fierce competition. One of the ways to differentiate yourself will be to optimize your graphic charter: original, creative and easily understandable. Your platform will then be of interest to Internet users who will stay there, because it will inspire them with confidence, seriousness and give them a pledge of credibility. This traffic obtained in this way will have 2 advantages:

More visitors means more prospects and therefore more potential customers and an increase in turnover; the more the site is browsed, the more it will go up in searches and the better it will be placed on Google. You have therefore understood that without a graphic charter, your website will have a little difficulty in existing on the web. If yours does not seem relevant to you, know that it is possible to rework it without deconstructing your site . You can do it yourself with time and tutorials, or you can call in the professionals . They can also help you build your website from A to Z and advise you in optimizing your communication. This with reasonable budgets. So go ahead!

Is software that hides your IP address

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network. This IP address is linked to your connection. Thanks to it, it is easy for hackers to find you and track all your actions online. By changing your IP address, you encrypt your online presence and browse safely. But with a VPN, you also bypass geographic filtering . These prevent you, without a VPN, from enjoying certain services that would not be available in your region or country, in particular on VOD platforms such as Netflix . The VPN improves the complexity of your identification on the Internet . By hiding your IP behind a VPN, you will gain enormous protection . Because browsing the Internet exposes your information to a whole list of risks.

By encrypting your connection from a public or private network, it will be possible to improve the security of the latter. The data thus encrypted passes through a secure tunnel. This tunnel, specific to the VPN used, makes the data you send or receive unreadable . To read them, the hacker needs a decryption key which is impossible to discover. Indeed, this complex key is generated randomly and is not fixed. It changes all the time, which keeps a very high level of security. However, you may experience slight slowdowns during your connection when going through this connection tunnel. A necessary evil to protect oneself effectively from attacks . Fortunately, VPN providers offer their customers a number of Connection Servers to overcome this problem.

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