This B2b Model Started In Thailand And Vietnam And Has

An in-house team means you have the opportunity to customize the group according to your business needs and goals. Other benefits include:

Easy accessibility
Some problems require quick fix solutions, and having a dedicated team can deal with problems quickly.

Full control l
From inventory management, order processing to promotion and marketing, you’ll get full access and an overview of the entire operation, enabling you to provide a more satisfying brand experience for your repeat customers.

When your business goes online, expansion is not far from happening. And as your business grows and goes international, so will its complexity and demands. Having an internal team allows you to be flexible.

But you can only enjoy these advantages if

You hired the right people
This includes identifying which roles are for full time and which talent is for contract. If not done properly, it can cause unnecessary operational costs. Moreover, most developers, by their own admission, are usually not for the sake of saving. So when the time comes for them to seek greener pastures, you have to find other promising talent – ​​which is another challenge.

Have an efficient product management process
E-commerce never sleeps. That whatsapp mobile number list said, product management, including quality maintenance in terms of products, customer support, and operations must be seamlessly integrated 24/7.

You know the right tools and how to use them
These tools refer to customer service platforms, shipping and delivery, site and insights solutions, CRM, and any other tools you need to enhance your customer experience and achieve operational efficiencies.

You have an allocated budget

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From recruiting, setting up equipment to developing a conducive workflow, it was clear that this was going to be an expensive endeavor. Also , Developers are highly regarded as specialists. This means you have to compete on salary and company culture just to get the best and keep it for the long haul.

3. E-Commerce Activator 101
E-Commerce enabler is a business that provides professional skills to make your brand stand out and sell successfully on crowded online platforms like Lazada, Shopee, etc. been in the e-commerce BEB Directory ecosystem since 2015. However, most merchants have difficulty understanding the role of an e-commerce enabler.

A survey conducted by aCommerce showed that 60% of e-commerce vendors don’t know the difference between an e-commerce enabler and a marketplace.


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