HTMLcode HTML To conclude, Colors influence our emotions and are also a reflection of current society: the spectacular advance of technologies, a world in full evolution, restructuring and upheaval … One of the trends announced for Congo Email List 2016 will be the creation of a space rich in sensations impacting the user, in particular through the choice of colors. Color makes an important contribution to the user experience. Whether in the world of fashion, architecture, interior decoration, graphic design, the 2016 trend directs us towards the use of  stimulating , striking, daring or even eccentric and intense colors or the use of of  soothing and reassuring colors.

Driven by new technologies and the need to provide experiences for its users, websites will have to evolve to meet new requirements. What will be the main web trends for 2016? ZEN READING micro-web-interactionUpdated October 1, 2020 Every year since 1999, all the members of the Online News Association meet in the United States to hold their conference, a high place of discussion and reflection on future web trends. The conference brings together for 2 days journalists, bloggers, designers, content editors,… All these influential professionals have in common a strong commitment in the digital economy. The ONA is supported in its approach by sponsors such as Google, CNN, Disney, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

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ONA 2015 ONA’s mission : Inspiring innovation and excellence among digital journalists in order to better serve Internet users. The consensus of the 2015 edition of ONA15  (Los Angeles) : Emerging technologies will play an important role in the collection, distribution and consumption of information. Web trends will follow and adapt to new technologies while simplifying navigation for the Internet user. Overview of web trends for 2016 Material Design, the future of Flat Design? The giant Google wants to democratize and try to impose its vision of design with Material Design, a combination of rules for successful design while integrating technological innovation.


If your website respects Material Design guidelines , it will be rewarded on the Google search engine, an SEO opportunity to be seized ? Design Material responds to a user action with a movement, united the real world to the digital world, is thought of in a more academic way than Flat Design , is necessarily responsive and adapts to all screens, relies on realism and physics. If you want to know more about this web trend, do not hesitate to read our article on Material Design . Web trends 2016: Google Material DesignWeb trends 2016: Google Material Design The immersive web trend As soon as a user connects to an  “immersive website” , it is no longer a question of browsing but of living an experience by being immersed in another universe.

The objectives of the immersive web are to arouse the curiosity of the Internet user and to capture his attention by creating for him an extraordinary experience. The purpose for the brand or the publisher of the site: to stand out and make an impression. The immersive web can be coupled with augmented reality . Web immersion results in the participation of the Internet user in a survey, a construction, the movement of a character,… always with the mission of immersing the Internet user in the site. magnum immersion web trendsWeb immersion trend: magnum The Magnum ice cream fun hunt site was a good example to illustrate the immersive web (ephemeral site). Immersive experiential website: la-veilleuse-graphique.frImmersive experiential website: The essential video A well-integrated video on your website is a powerful vector for promoting your business, it improves your website traffic and makes it more visual and attractive. Some revealing figures on video & the web: When someone searches for your name on the Internet, they will prefer to click on a video: they are twice as likely to watch a video rather than reading written content. Video represents 60% of web traffic . 85% of French Internet users saw at least one video on the Internet during the month of January (or 40.5 million French people; that’s 66% of the population).

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