Have much more in mind than meeting their monthly target. This strategy is for smart companies that want to occupy the position they deserve as leaders in their market . It takes time to create a winning content strategy. It takes time for hundreds of articles to be produced. Optimized and distributed across multiple channels. It takes time to improve a brand’s perception in the market and position it as a leader. Actually generating sales growth. Awesome to see what we’ve achieved! While it’s certainly not easy to replicate this success. It’s certainly possible to use it as inspiration for your future. Just recognize that it all comes down to strategy. Planning and professionalism in execution. With a team of experts who

Understand content as the primary path to driving success. Much more than positioning. We transform Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers visibility into conversion! Now that you know one more of our success stories. How about being the next company to have a text published here ? If you want similar results. Click on the banner below and let us know how we can help!How we managed to boost sales for a menswear company with 25 years of tradition and optimize its sales process: restructuring of digital marketing strategies alignment between sales and marketing content remodeling renovation of the website and contact pages about m. Pollo founded in 1992. In goiânia. M.Pollo continues to surprise the menswear market with innovation and
Excellence in service . Positioning itself increasingly as a strong and recognized brand in the brazilian market. Tip: see also how we achieved 4x more sales on famiglia valduga’s black friday! The problem.

We transform visibility into

The company already had an inbound marketing strategy in place when it approached organica digital at the end of 2016. However. This strategy was not bringing satisfactory results. However, The main problem was the lead generation strategy that. In fact. Generated a lot of leads. However, But disqualified most of them. Thus. The commercial team had a lot of work and few sales. We needed to not only qualify those leads. But effectively turn that into sales . However, The project the first thing we did was a 2-step plan: the first consisted of getting to know the client’s current inbound marketing strategy in depth. However, We tried to understand where this first strategy was going wrong. And thus. Make sure to get the results that the company wanted. The second stage consisted. Precisely. However, Of talking to the client and understanding well what the desired results.

Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers

Were. We create a harmony with the company. We seek to understand the mission. Vision. However, And values of the brand. From there. However, We built the new inbound marketing strategy . However, The solution with the evaluation of what was already being done. We realized that several inbound marketing strategies were already being carried out. However. Without the necessary quality and effort. Some of our actions were: success story m. Pollo: the solution the results we generate more qualified leads . Significantly reducing the time the rep needs to close deals and shortening the sales cycle . The effects were visible. And fast acting. In comparison with the same period of the previous year. M.Pollo closed 45% more business with new tenants and had a 23% increase in revenue . All this with a 40% lower investment . As a result of well.

The solution with the evaluation

Defined actions that avoid wasting resources. Check out some of our results: cost per click (cpc) decreased by approximately 28% . However, This allows the company to control spending and invest better. The average ticket . However, Which represents the average amount spent on orders. Increased by 14% . The blog and website saw a 128.67% increase in sessions . Not to mention the 134.98% increase in new users . With these results. The roi in this period rose to 1.93 . This means that. For every r$1.00 invested. M. Pollo earned r$1.93 . Beatriz carvalho. Marketing analyst at m. Pollo. Comments on the partnership with orgânica.

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