Gulp uglify , it allows you to minify your Js files. Gulp imagemin , it optimizes your images. Gulp clean  : cleans your production file. Use with caution since you can erase Turkmenistan Email List your source files! Gulp minify  : It minifies your CSS files. Ps: I only put for Gulp because they are also found at Grunt. But not only, it’s also for performance reasons ! Ok but why Gulp? Grunt is cool too, isn’t it? Quite simply for the performance my friends! And yes ! Grunt does not rely on streams of NodeJS . Consequently, the tasks are only executed one after the other … So we immediately enter into a logic of repetitions. Which can be very drunk when looking for performance!

Indeed, streams improve the fluidity of tasks, which Gulp does so well. Here are two sources available on. that it is only my opinion which remains very subjective. Grunt has a more complicated syntax than Gulp since the latter is mainly based on its configuration. In addition, the configuration of Gulp is more flexible , more  readable and easily understood . But I’ll get back to you with a new post for a much more in-depth look at Gulp. However, I am not here to influence you in your future choices. The website is organized by theme and by page. There is more freedom in creation because there is no organizational constraint.

Everything Is Said In Its Name

I’m just saying that Grunt is a good approach to enter the ecosystem of Task Runner,  Grunt and Gulp works on the same logic of plugins that we graft later. In addition, there are roughly the same plugins. My opinion , Nowadays, Task Runners have become very important in a web project. They save time because you don’t have to walk around several sites for example to minify your Js… Which I find particularly boring. This is where I find learning the console or the terminal very interesting. In addition, these tools have integrated well into the sphere of web development .


You have Yeoman using Grunt. You have Ionic Framework which uses Gulp to show you the interest they arouse … And what do you use? If you liked the article, please feel free to comment! To boost your visibility and stand out from the competition, it is essential to communicate about your activities and your products on the internet. What can a blog do for you besides your website? ZEN READING Why use a blog to improve your SEOUpdated October 4, 2021 An effective blog is a valuable ally for the success of your website. If your site is not showing up well on the search engines, consider publishing! What is a blog?

It Allows To Compile From Sass To Css

The Blog is the abbreviation of a compound English word “Web log” , which means “newspaper” . It is used for the periodic or even daily publication of articles. They follow one another from the most recent to the oldest (reverse chronological order). The principle of the blog quickly met with success thanks to its ease of handling, its innovative character for the time (web 2.0). It allows instant or scheduled publications (made possible thanks to WordPress CMS in particular). A blog also offers: great editorial freedom, real-time interaction with Internet users, and the possibility of posting a comment on a ticket. Today,

Iit is possible to mix texts and multimedia content (image, sound, video) and to answer Internet users’ questions and comments very simply. Launch of the web blog for all! What is the difference between a blog and a website? The blog is a type of website, where only the publication of articles is possible and organized chronologically, the most recent article being placed at the top of the first page. Initially reserved for bloggers, companies use it to communicate by relating the news of the company in an attractive way. This mode of communication allows the Internet user to react to articles and to give his opinion via comments.

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