What are your goals ? (simple online presence, customer acquisition, online sales, etc.) What are your means? (human and financial) Before embarking on Eritrea Email List the creation of your website and consulting a web agency for a quote, you must clearly outline your needs. The more clearly your need is defined, the more relevant the answer will be. You can also formalize your need in a specification . Writing a specification (or creative brief) is a must for all web projects other than a ” simple showcase site  “. create a website Beware of false savings and promises! Avoid free websites and Sunday hackers. Beware of One Shot and Concealed Leasing professionals.

Avoid all those who promise you your site in first position on Google in just 1 month. The choice of web agency and the method used for the creation are key factors in the success of your project. Creating a website with WIX is very interesting for uploading vacation photos but not for being visible on Google. If creating a well-positioned website on Google were really free, web agencies wouldn’t exist. Also avoid all proprietary authoring software in favor of an open source solution like WordPress . Keep control of your site and its content! Avoid online website creation services (your content is no longer yours). Avoid rental formulas, you must remain the owner of your website.

Appear When Relative Words Are

Remain the owner of your domain name . Keep access to your sources (files and database). You absolutely must remain the owner of your content and your domain name, you must also have full access to your sources. Think about SEO before going online! The SEO of a website directly linked to its design. The choice of keywords and the production of optimized content are essential. Do not neglect the importance of the tree structure and the hierarchy of content, semantics … The SEO or SEO not aggregate months of 200 criteria and recommendations to follow. Not taking them into account when creating the site will result in an overhaul as soon as the question of positioning arises.


Do not confuse SEO and positioning SEO and positioning are two different concepts. SEO I am present on search engines. The positioning  I positioned and visible on search engines. The referencing (indexing) of a website on search engines is relatively simple to achieve, all you need to do is design a site that meets Google’s requirements. Good positioning is more complicated and requires perfect knowledge of search engine expectations, content optimization  as well as long-term monitoring. create a seo website Don’t neglect hosting and security! Hosting must be efficient, reliable and secure. There is no such thing as a 100% secure site.

An unsecured site is an easy target for “web hackers”. Avoid free hosting offers. The web hosting is an important component and too often overlooked. Prefer professional solutions in outsourcing if you have no skills to administer a server and secure a website . secure hacked websiteGoogle warning for a hacked website Creating a website is also (above all) not to neglect your collaboration with your web provider Creating a website is a team effort. A climate of trust between the web agency and its client is very important. Long-term support is one of the keys to success. No one knows better than you: your activity,

Your products, the expectations of your customers, the image you want to return, goals, your constraints, your strengths … Your business is the heart of your creation project. It is therefore essential that you invest yourself fully in the different phases of creation. A successful website is the result of effective and constructive collaboration . Don’t overestimate the importance of design! Think first of the user experience and ergonomics . Your site is above all a communication or sales tool. It is essential to adopt a functional approach to your website and to abandon any affective and “narcissistic” approach. A website is not intended to become a work of art.

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