Indicateur Citation Flow – MAJESTIC seoCitation Flow indicator – MAJESTIC – anthedesign web agency Conclusion The CF is one of the main indicators to be included in Ethiopia Email List all SEO strategies based on the popularity and notoriety of a website. To be continued in a few days, the Majestic Trust Flow and the Moz Domain Authority. When you write an article, you may need to use the content of another author to argue your point. Why is it very important to cite your sources in your publications? ZEN READING cite-sources-on-the-internetUpdated June 25, 2019 Why cite its sources? When you write an article in your blog for example, during your research on the Internet or elsewhere,

You draw ideas from reliable sources to support your argument. You owe it to yourself to “render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar” by giving justice to the author concerned of the text you have used. In addition, your readers appreciate being able to easily find the origin of the sources you have used and you avoid plagiarism  ! plagiarism_and_author_rightPlagiarism and copyright What is plagiarism? Wikipedia defines plagiarism as “a fault of a moral, civil or commercial nature, which can be penalized, it consists in copying an author or monopolizing the work of a creator in the field of the arts without quoting or saying so. ,

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As well as to be strongly inspired by a model that one neglects, deliberately or negligently, to designate. It is often equated with intangible theft. ” Citing text from a reliable source in your article allows you to give credibility to your arguments by giving them value and relevance. In this case, your source of information must be reliable and be cited in order to respect copyright and thus avoid plagiarism. According to Le Petit Robert, plagiarism is a “literary theft” punishable by sanctions. plagiarism-internet What is copyright? “Copyright is the set of rights that an author or his successors (heirs, production company) has over works of the original mind and.


The corresponding rights of the public to the use and reuse of these works under certain conditions. »Sources: Wikipedia Copyright aims to protect and control the exploitation that a person might make of an author’s work. The author of a work of the mind enjoys over this work, by the sole fact of his creation, an exclusive right of intangible property and enforceable against all. Sources: Ministry of Culture. How to avoid plagiarism? When you use content on another website, indicate the source of this information. Whether the source is in print or on the web, enclose quotes in “quotes.” This content may be in the form of encrypted data, illustrations or even text extracts. An interesting solution has also been provided to protect authors and artists with  Creative Commons licenses .

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They represent a good alternative for authors wishing to share and disseminate their works, without being systematically remunerated and to have a certain flexibility in the way of doing so. The best way to avoid being accused of plagiarism is to produce a unique piece of writing. What are the consequences of duplicate content on your website? Are you an editor of a website? Are you a web editor  ? Do you regularly feed a site with content? Duplicate content on the Internet, also known as Plagiarism, is part of the list of things not to do: “  Remember that quality content will satisfy your audience while attracting the favors of Google and improving your natural referencing and therefore your positioning! ” Sources: What is quality content according to Google? By Hugo Essique,

On September 01, 2015, our website experienced a big spike in organic traffic on a request with more than 10,000 visitors! Why this sudden increase in natural traffic? Which query can generate so many visits in 24 hours? Decryption of a peak in organic traffic. ZEN READING organic-traffic-googleUpdated April 17, 2019 Reminder:  Organic or organic search traffic corresponds to traffic from Google and other search engines. Organic traffic is a traffic acquisition channel just like social networks, the share of organic traffic on your website is directly linked to the quality of its natural referencing .

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