Did you know that 73% of marketers don’t use video content marketing as they’d like because of constraints like time and budget? And that’s not the only type of content we aren’t getting enough of. Foundr Magazine is asked one question more often than any other: How can I create a digital magazine? Your customers want these types of content. So what if you could combine them? What if you could make a digital magazine that supports video content? In this post, I’ll show you how to do just that. And after we get the practical stuff out of the way, I’ll share some stats you need to know. How to make a stunning multimedia magazine online in minutes You don’t need mad Adobe Suite skills, a bottomless budget or a degree in design.

All you need is a few spare minutes and two tools: Flipsnack and Biteable. Let’s start with Flipsnack, the tool some of your favorite publishers use to create memorable multimedia magazines. Make a digital magazine with video elements in 3 easy steps Flipsnack makes it easy to create a digital magazine within minutes. Here’s how it works: Choose the Bolivia Phone Number and format for your magazine. You can customize your design by changing the width and height from the right-corner menu. Choose a pre-designed layout or create your own. Browse through the pre-designed layouts or create your own using the drag-and-drop editor. You can add text boxes, links, images, video and shapes. You can even create interactions.

Add The Video Insert

To your layout From the left-hand menu, drag the video box into your design. You can change the size and move it around until it’s just right.How to create video content for magazines Flipsnack editor Create a mesmerizing video for your magazine in minutes Now that you’ve finalized your magazine layout, it’s time to think about a video marketing strategy for it. A tool like Biteable makes that easy. With thousands of pre-made templates designed by top animators available on demand, all you need to do is choose your favorite and customize it. create a stunning video You can customize each template by adding images, footage or audio, changing the colors and typography, adding new scenes and (of course) adding your own copy.

Bolivia Phone Number

You can make a brand new video in less time than ordering a pizza. But why should I be publishing an audio video magazine in the first place? People love video. Here are some compelling numbers and reasons why you should consider using video marketing for your digital magazine. 78% of people watch videos online every week. Why not tap into that market and let them watch yours? 55% of people pay more attention to video content than any other type. This makes video great for telling stories, raising awareness for your brand, and winning viewers over. People spend 2.6 times as much time on pages with video than those without. Adding a video to your digital magazine can increase dwell time. Not to mention that you’ll be experimenting with a brand new medium.

Three Little Tips To Make

Your video work in a digital magazine When designing a video for a digital publication think about how the reader is consuming the content. Are they on their phone? Do they have their headphones handy? Are they reading this during a break at the office or at home? You can discover a lot of this information by using surveys or studying your analytics data. But even without the data in front of you, these three tips will help you start off right. Your video should make sense without audio. Treat your video magazine the same way you’d treat a Facebook video – make it work without sound. That way if your reader is scanning your magazine on their phone, they can hit play and still get the full experience without headphones.

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