It’s easier than ever to become a published author. With today’s technology and with all the self-publishing platforms out there, it doesn’t take much to self publish a book. When you go this way, the most difficult part it the promotion, because without a publishing house you lack some very important resources. As an independent publisher, marketing your book online and offline can be a challenge or a struggle. Surely, you can hire an agency for book marketing services, but if you don’t have the budget, you can try to do everything yourself. This article will teach you how to get publicity for your book online.

Get your book noticed by running an effective ad campaign You’re a book publisher, not an advertiser, so chances are that you haven’t done any online advertising campaigns yet. You might not even know how/ where to start. Like all beginnings, starting an Norway Phone Number campaign can be quite intimidating. So start small, with a small budget, until you get the hang of it. With online advertising it takes a lot of testing, trial and error, to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So don’t go all out with a big budget straight from day one. There are many advertising platforms that you could use for book marketing. If you have no idea where to start, I suggest starting by running a small Facebook ad campaign for your book.

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User-friendly ad platforms, in my opinion. Here’s a guide to Facebook Ads for indie authors. 2. Use social media platforms for book marketing When someone says social media you probably think about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, instantly. But there are other social platforms that can get your book noticed, some of which you may not have used before for promotional purposes. Pinterest – This visual social media channel is loved by many people around the world. It’s a great place for visual communication, for collections, and for organizing ideas. Fashion retailers are using Pinterest to drive sales, but I believe book marketers can get a slice of Pinterest revenue as well.

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Wondering how? Your writer platform made a list of creative ways to use Pinterest for book promotion. Quora – The Q&A website is a great platform to interact with potential readers and get the word out about your book. Reddit – Many marketers are intimidated by Reddit because they don’t do it right. However, Reddit is a great place for promotions. Learn how to use it and you’ll be a happy publisher. There’s a subreddit for almost every book genre you can think of, so get into those communities where your target audience is.

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Book promo videos, interviews, and AMA sessions, and other similar videos. 3. List your book on free book advertising sites Even though they are not book advertising sites per se, these book platforms can be used for promotion. Create book listings on Goodreads, LibraryThing, Booktalk, Wattpad, and Scribd because these are places where books meet readers. Isn’t that a great place for advertising a book, freely? In addition to these free book advertising sites, I strongly encourage you to use comment sections on publishing blogs and book-centric sites to start conversations with others, without sounding spammy. There’s a thick line between smart marketing and spam. Don’t be a spammer! Another great way for self-publishing marketing is guest posting.

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