Writers block or creative block can happen to anyone: writer, marketer, blogger. To name a few reasons, it can appear when you’re stressed out, burnt-out, depressed, anxious or stuck in a rut. It feels like your creative juices aren’t flowing and your muse is not speaking to you. The realisation that you’re stuck can worsen your symptoms. You look at the stark whiteness of the blank sheet of paper that screams about your inability to write something – anything and you feel frustrated. What to do? Cure your creative block Luckily, there are ways to get your spark back and overcome writers block. We made a list of 7 activities / ideas that will cure your writers block. You don’t need to try all of them.

Pick a few activities that you like and don’t discourage: your creative block is temporary. 1. Go out for a walk or run Basic RGB Physical activity increases the heart rate which will pump more oxygen to your brain. It will also release important and helpful hormones that will give you a positive boost in mood. Another great effect is that exercise makes it Hungary Phone Number for the brain to make neuronal connections, which means that it trains your brain to become more flexible and creative. Exactly what you need. So put your sneakers on and go for a jog. 2. Take a shower Basic RGB The best ideas often come in the shower, because it helps us relax and provides a distraction, which is what we usually need when trapped by writers block.

This Allows The Subconscious

To be more creative. 3. Sing along your favorite song Basic RGB Listening to music releases dopamine into your brain, which makes you feel good, motivated and more creative. Add to that all the benefits of singing: it exercises your lungs, releases endorphins and reduces stress. To double the benefits, sing in the shower! 4. Brainstorm with friends Basic RGB If you need fresh ideas, you can always ask your friends or colleagues to brainstorm with you. Group conversations always generate ideas that no single individual could’ve come up with on his own. Besides, verbalizing your thoughts helps your own thinking. It forces you to organize your ideas, focus, and it stimulates creativity. If you don’t want to brainstorm with real people, then at least start talking aloud with your imaginary friends.

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Yourself a drink Basic RGB Cooking is another way to overcome your creative block. Yes, it can be more than an excuse to postpone writing. Cooking forces you to live in the present, focus your entire mind on a few simple tasks. It’s calming, relaxing – the kind of mood you need when you have to concentrate on writing. The kitchen is an inspiring place that stimulates all senses, which will help you feel better (and it will probably make others happy as well, if you’re not cooking for one). When I mentioned fixing yourself a drink, did you think about booze? Well, booze can help you with creative writing, because it makes your brain acknowledge unusual ideas that you might think irrelevant while being fully sober.

Cook A Meal Or Fix

However, booze has the opposite effect on analytical thinking, so be sober when you review your work. Also, drinking at work is not a very good idea – it might make you lose your job. 6. Write down whatever comes to mind Basic RGB Free writing is an efficient technique in curing writers block. Just write whatever comes to mind, with no regards to grammar or spelling, for a set period of time. Try 5 or 10 minutes of continuous free writing. Don’t stop to revise whatever you wrote until the time is up. Sometimes you will find some usable material in your texts, but that’s not the point of this exercise. It’s supposed to “warm up” your creative thinking, so no worries if you don’t find any gems in your scribbles.

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