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Popular areas of CSR in Poland The areas of CSR in Poland are similar to those in other European countries, although each market also has its own specifics. “The dynamic development of CSR in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century is closely relate to the influx of a large number of foreign investors.” – notes the report of the Ministry of Economy on this subject. Even corporations with a global reach adapt CSR areas to the social context in individual markets. For example, Coca Cola in the US focuses primarily on issues of racial equality. In Poland, she emphasizes the topic of women’s rights and recycling. Environmental protection is a particularly attractive topic for us.

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It is not too controversial, although by dealing with, for example, the subject of the Białowieża Forest, you can also subtly show your commitment to database current affairs. It can also be scale – from cleaning a local park or forest to a nationwide social campaign. We recommend How to start promoting your business online? 2020 was a “women’s” year, so women’s rights are now definitely at the top of the list when it comes to noteworthy CSR areas that a company can address. Attachment to tradition and family means that initiatives supporting local communities.


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Small farms and family initiatives gain great recognition in Poland. CSR areas in the company – their advantages and disadvantages Well-chosen areas of CSR can enliven the company’s reality, motivate employees and positively dispose BEB Directory public opinion. When it comes to employer branding , young people are able to endure many inconveniences if “their” company has an image of a friendly and involve in the relevant areas of CSR. Commitment to the environment not only does not have to cost anything, but can also translate into profits by cutting the amount of raw materials use. Many companies use specific CSR activities as a PR toolknowing that it has a positive impact on their image. Public opinion today is highly polarize.

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