Today’s post is for all the passionate binge readers from out there. We’re going to talk about page turners published in 2017, and then you proceed to reading about page turners to read in 2018. I chose to present books from different genres, so that everybody will find a great book to read, regardless of your taste in literature. My list features a dramatic novel, a thriller, a romance, a nonfiction book and a comedic memoir. Take your pick and start reading. A page turner is a book that you simply can’t put down because it’s too interesting. It can be a digital book or a printed one. The format doesn’t matter at all. When I’m hooked on a novel, it’s so difficult to stop reading for even the most basic needs: sleeping or eating. I continue to read while I eat.

I keep telling myself “just one more page, then I’ll put the book down and go to sleep”. But I don’t. Time flies when you read something that you like. It’s as if the book has supernatural powers to grab you and lock you inside its world. Let’s not forget to mention that nostalgia that you feel when you finish reading a book that you enjoyed. It always makes Nigeria Phone Number feel older. I don’t know why, but I feel as if I had lived and died one life in another universe. Do you ever have that feeling after a great novel? But enough about me. Below you have the best page turner books to read this year. 1. The lucky ones by Julianne Pachico The lucky ones As the blurb describes it, this book is a literary jigsaw puzzle.

Each Chapter Tells

The story of another character. It’s a collection of intertwined stories, unfolding in a nonlinear way, taking place alternately over two decades: 1993-2018. While the non-chronological storyline may be confusing at times, you have to understand that it makes sense. In a war torn country, nothing is normal or orderly. The stories are set in Colombia and New York City, dealing with the Colombian drug wars. The book centers on a group of high school girls and the people they are connected with in unexpected ways: drug traffickers, guerilla fighters, warlords, teachers, housekeepers and parents.

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By presenting all these different perspectives you get a vivid, clear understanding of what life is like in a country in the midst of the civil war. Sometimes the lines between perpetrators and heros get blurred. Needless to say, the title is ironic, because the characters seem anything but lucky. I promise you, this book is really hard to put down. It’s the kind that you’ll probably read in one go. 2. The lying game by Ruth Ware The lying game This book tells the story of 4 teenagers that start a lying game, which has 5 rules: Tell a lie Stick to your story Don’t get caught Never tell a lie to each other Know when to stop lying This game of deceit makes local people to hate them and isolates them.

When A Horrible Event

Happens, it leads to both the expulsion of the girls and the end of the lying game. Still, the girls swear to keep the event a secret and they do, for 17 years, when it resurfaces.The story is told from the perspective of one of the girls, Isa, who becomes a lawyer and a mother. Though not in contact with her friends anymore, she drops everything when she gets a text from one of the girls. It seems that their last lie has come to haunt them. The story is a well written, intriguing psychological thriller, with many twists and suspense. You won’t be able to put it down. 3. The light we lost by Jill Santopolo The light we lost If you like good romances, this one is for you.

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