“New year, new me!” That’s what I always tell myself at the beginning of each year. A new start means setting new goals but somehow the one that sticks around each year is to read more. In 2017 I started reading more diverse content and listening to podcasts. Love a good podcast and a long commute! Here’s my list of 10 publishers I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on: 1. Fair Planet Fairplanet is a non-profit journalistic platform and organisation, which has set itself the goal of providing humanism a voice in this world. Their understanding of humanism is based on the optimistic appraisal of people’s ability to discover a better way of living.

Fairplanet sees its role as being in the service of the dignity and rights of all people and creatures that share this planet. Fairness is the key to a more just world, which also includes respecting Planet Earth itself. I first discovered Fair Planet during the American elections of 2016 but the pieces I most enjoy reading are related to climate change, especially this DOSSIER: CLIMATE CHANGE 2. Man Repeller This is not at all your usual fashion website, but Panama Phone Number a very different approach to a female oriented publication. Man Repeller defines itself as explorer of the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect.

I’m Not Usually A Horoscope

Kinda gal but I always make sure to start each month with Man Repeller’s hilarious horoscope. Words to live by, I’m telling ya! Man Repeller 3. Darling Magazine As you may have guessed, Darling is yet another magazine for women. But this one’s also quite different! Darling magazine never uses Photoshop to reshape women’s bodies. And that, for me, is a solid argument to start reading it. Within each issue, Darling partitions articles within eight personas which are: The Dreamer, The Hostess, the Confident, the Stylist, the Explorer, the Beautician, the Intellectual, and the Achiever. 10 publishers – Darling Mag 4. The Gourmand The Gourmand is an award winning, food and culture journal.

Panama Phone Number

It’s safe to say this is not your average food magazine. Each issue features over 100 pages of inspiring, creative content around food. This journal is approaching cultural matters through the medium of food and has taken food writing to some astonishing new places. The latest number features an article in which New York musicians discuss their favourite neighbourhood dumpling houses and bagel joints. If you’re a foodie like me, this one’s definitely a MUST! 10 publishers – The Gourmand 5. Flaneur magazine Flaneur is an independent magazine focussed on traveling.

What Makes This One

Interesting is that it explores one street per issue. Each issue, their editorial team moves into an apartment near location, and embarks on daily missions to explore the lives, culture and histories of local shop owners, residents and hangers-on. Their latest issue is focussed on Boulevard Ring in Moscow where the team spent more than two months. To me, Flaneur is about authentic human experiences, empathy and great storytelling. 10 publishers – Flaneur 6. Dog Magazine A big discovery this year was DOG magazine. A biannual publication focusing, of course, on dogs.

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