The analyzes and the results of these data come from a barometer of the Mobile Marketing Association France , it is updated every quarter and it is made up of Christmas Island Email List around thirty key indicators. The Mobile Marketing barometer deciphers the uses of  French mobile users and presents the key market dynamics based on data collected from , Gfk, ComScore, Orange and 1000 thanks. Mobile users * : individuals who have carried out at least one of the following activities during the last month from a mobile phone: consult a site / a mobile application, consult or send e-mails, use instant messaging, watch television on a mobile phone .

The big winners of the mobile internet Facebook  rose to the top of the ranking of mobile Internet sites ahead of Google at the start of 2015, it confirms its leading position with more than 26 million unique visitors per month, the social network is ahead of Google with 2 million more visitors, followed by  Dailymotion  with 13.7 million unique visitors. The leading media website in the mobile Internet ranking is France Télévisions in 9th position ahead of Le Figaro and. mobile website audience ranking July 2015Ranking of the top 20 MOBILE INTERNET sites July 2015 in.

The Drone For Internet Access For All?

Thousands of unique visitors per month | Source These figures demonstrate to what extent the mobile internet has become a  mass market  and mobile users are more than ever a preferred target for all advertisers. mass market :  translated into French as “the mass market”, is a group of end consumers: a wide variety of people. Their desires towards a certain product may be totally different from another. How to take advantage of the progress of mobile internet? One of the consequences directly linked to the progress of mobile internet is  Google’s “ mobile friendly  ” update  of April 21, 2015. In fact, websites that are not  responsive or mobile compatible are penalized in Google search results.


To take advantage of the audience potential on mobile, it is imperative to offer a good browsing experience to visitors to your website. A good user experience is only possible through a mobile compatible website or a mobile application. If your website is not yet mobile compatible, you can make it responsive with a visual overhaul . Once the redesign is done, you can test your website with Google’s “ Mobile Friendly ” validation tool . If, for example, your website is aimed at individuals from Generation Y, your visitors will mostly be mobile users. In this case, the creation of your site will have to be thought out for a perfect adaptation to mobiles, we then speak of mobile first design. zoning-responsive-templatesResponsive website zoning .

Not Date From Yesterday

To conclude, The increase in the use of mobile internet in France and around the world is obvious. The studies covering the end of 2015 will be available at the beginning of 2016, they will confirm these initial results, which are already very revealing. The Web will be mobile in 2016 and the adaptation of websites for mobile phones will continue at a rapid pace. Google announced at the end of 2014 that it would promote the positioning of sites using SSL in the rankings of its search engine. After a few months of waiting in search of feedback, we finally adopted the SSL certificate, here is our feedback on the winning duo SSL and SEO ZEN READING SSL-SEO-duo-winnerUpdated May 10, 2021 SEO and SSL:

What is Google saying? Below are some excerpts from the official Google blog about securing a website with an SSL certificate  : “Safety is one of our top priorities. We invest a lot to ensure that our services come with state-of-the-art security systems. ” “Beyond what we offer our users, we are looking to make the Internet more secure in general. ” “We want to go even further. At the Google I / O conference a few months ago, we called for the generalization of HTTPS on the web. ” “We have also seen that more and more webmasters are adopting HTTPS (also known as HTTP over TLS, or Transport Layer Security) on their websites, which is encouraging. ” “We have seen positive results.

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