Brightly colored foliage usually marks the beginning of Fall. That and the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. But for us Halloween fans out there, is it really Fall until October comes? For me, Fall only truly begins in October, when temperatures drop and the Spooky Season makes its way into my heart, my house, and my movie list. We have a special tradition in our household that involves watching a different horror movie every evening until the end of October. We’ve gone through them all – folk horror, psychological horror, slashers, supernatural, Gothic, zombie, teen horror, comedy horror, body horror, and found footage. And, if I’m honest, while most of them keep me interested, I don’t always love the movies in our selection.

Sometimes, I just choose films because of their poster art, and more precisely because of the fonts they use. Fonts can draw attention, whether we’re talking about newspaper fonts, magazine fonts, or poster fonts, as in this case. Since we’re in the Venezuela Phone Number of All Hallows’ Eve, I thought it might come in handy for those of you who are celebrating Halloween with a party to have a list of some of the best Halloween fonts you could use on your party invitations. So, in what follows, we’ll talk a bit about all the fonts in the selection I made, and, later on, we’ll see together how you can make great Halloween publications, such as party invitations, brochures, flyers, newsletters, or posters, directly in Flipsnack.

So Let’s Get Started

ghouls and gals *insert evil laugh here*! Spooky Halloween fonts Here’s a list of the Spooky Halloween fonts I’ve put together for you. Later on, you will see they are split into categories, to make it easier for you to choose the best font for your publication, be it a poster, a flyer, a party invitation, or any other type. I will also show each of these fonts in action in our carefully selected Halloween templates you might find helpful for creating your ideal publication. ITC Helvetica Deanna Futura Trajan Sorrow Jacmax Gallow Tree Covenant Story Brush Primal In the Wood Nigma Histeria Horror From the Dead Brain Melt Halloween Scare Spooky Hill Beynkales Nightscary I was saying before that often, the most intriguing part of a movie is its poster. And it feels like sometimes that’s the norm, especially when it comes to horror movies.

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So in the first part of my Halloween fonts selection, we’re going to see some spooky fonts used in the posters of some of the most famous horror movies ever produced and how they got to be used or created. You’ll notice that they are regular, famous fonts that everyone can recognize. But even regular fonts can be made scary if they are used in the right context. Let’s see what these fonts are: 1. ITC We should start this list right, with the Godfather of all spooky Halloween fonts. The International Typeface Corporation, famously known as ITC, was so popularly used in horror. Movie posters back in the ‘70s that it won its designer, Tony DiSpigna, a Wikipedia entry.

Halloween Movie Poster Source

Used in some of the most famous horror movies of all time. Halloween and Jaws, ITC was so famous that it transcended the horror genre. Went on to be the font that kept the Star Wars franchise consistent. ITC was also used for. TV series posters like Twin Peaks, and, most recently, we could see it on the Stranger Things poster. So for a nostalgia-type party invitation, this font is the best choice. Download the ITC font for free. 2. Helvetica Who would have thought that one of the most famous fonts used in horror movie posters was Helvetica! You think of Halloween and horror, and you only see blood dripping, fangs flashing and corpses rotting. You don’t see the VIP of typefaces, let’s be honest.

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