A little barbaric at first glance, they are proving to be formidably effective and above all of essential utility . Have you ever wondered how a web page (or more precisely the server) can know whether or not we entered an email address UAE Email List or a date of birth in the corresponding field when sending a form? ‘registration for example. Well, as you probably can imagine, this is where REGEX comes in . They allow you to filter what you want inside a character string . And this is only one example of applications among many others, such as extracting very specific parts of a character string or making emails and any other url automatically clickable during the adding comments by your visitors.

You can also edit full text this way. Here again, the list is not exhaustive and the fields of application almost infinite. In addition, regex can be used in PHP as well as in JavaScript and also in Python . Without going into details, since we would have to devote an entire file to it, I will show you how these expressions work. An expression can be broken down into two parts The first, which is quite simply the motif , is always ‘surrounded’ by the same symbol. Usually the slash “/” is used. This lets you know where this pattern begins and ends. This is where we enter all the symbols that will filter our search. The second part concerns the options (or flags in English).

Algorithms From A Single Expression

Adding an “i” means, for example, that the filter is case insensitive. example of an optionRegex with option It is all well and good all that you will tell me but how do we tell him in which character string to look for! It’s very simple, you just have to write the character string directly after the patterns, separated by a comma , or as in the example below to put the variable containing this character string. pregmatchCalling a regular expression For the more curious among you, I recommend the very simple but nevertheless very effective RegExr site  which will allow you to train or simply test the power of these expressions very quickly without having to create your own files.


Hoping to have shed some light on the potential of regular expressions, please feel free to comment on this article in order to improve it as best as possible. Science is not infused, here are my sources: , the book  Developing a website in PHP, MySQL  by Robin Nixon. In website creation there are two worlds. The one where you buy an already integrated theme and the tailor-made one, a quick overview. ZEN READING Themeforest vs html integrationUpdated September 14, 2020 ThemeForest what is it? ThemeForest exists thanks to the talented team at Envato , ThemeForest is a platform to buy or sell themes for  WordPress and other  CMS .

Example Of Regex You Have Surely

This Australian marketplace aims to offer you Premium themes that meet the criteria of their experts. It is the biggest marketplace or platform to buy a “ Template  ” ready to be personalized. Do you know the Themedesign websites? Themes for WordPress on ThemeForest are classified into different categories: Blog / Magazine : 600 Blog / Magazine WordPress themes, Creative : 1,300 WordPress Creative Themes, Corporate : 1,100 Corporate WordPress themes, Retail : 100 WordPress themes Technology : 50 Technology WordPress themes, Nonprofit : 70 No Profit WordPress themes, Entertainment : 120 WordPress Entertainment themes,

Miscellaneous : 60 Miscellaneous WordPress themes, Mobile : 50 100% Mobile WordPress themes, BuddyPress : 30 WordPress BuddyPress themes, eCommerce : 180 eCommerce WordPress themes, … The choice is a priori very important but all the trades are not housed in the same boat, the will always be the worst shod for example. When choosing a theme, the type of site and the activity are not the only search criteria to be taken into account. The compatibility of the theme with the most popular extensions on the market is also very important.

The main search criteria for a WordPress theme The type of website, The field of activity, Accounting with essential extensions (WPML, Gravity Forms, etc.), The classification of the topic and the quality of the customer support, … ThemeForest also offers simple, robust and free themes! Isn’t that the good life? 🙂 like a boss The option of the free theme may be suitable for a personal blog, provided that you are satisfied with a very limited customization. For all other web projects, a Premium theme with technical support will be required. What about the price? As an indication, the price of a theme on ThemeForest with technical support is between $ 20 and $ 60.

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