Knowing how to use marketing automation tools allows you to perform various actions and, therefore, generates great results in business. One of its main advantages is to evaluate the repetitive tasks of users and analyze the purchase context, in order to develop a creative and truly competitive strategy for an e-commerce . And it is that this sales channel has a great competitive advantage when it comes to retail: it allows us to measure traffic , that is, how much market we are attracting to our business. With this information we can use a strategy and monetize with the customer database we have. In this article, I will explain some actions that you can automate using Hubspot and how this practice can lead you to achieve the goals you have set.

What are marketing automation tools What processes can we automate for our e-commerce? Hubspot is one of the software that works best for marketing automation , as it offers various tools that meet different objectives. For example, it allows the generation of a kind of resume for each client where valuable information is consolidated on Canada Phone Number actions that the client has carried out; In addition to this, it allows you to automate invoices, stock, catalog management, monitor prices and the sales funnel, among other processes. Let’s talk about some of them: Data Thanks to automation we can collect all the relevant information about all the processes carried out by each client.

In Other Words It Allows

Us to know what the customer’s behavior is like and what their relationship with e-commerce is like. With Hubspot you can see what products they’ve purchased, the date they made the purchase, and when they last visited your website. What advantages does this resume offer us? The idea is that when we are interacting with our database, we make intelligent decisions about the marketing strategy to develop. chatbot Interaction through chatbots Communication with the client through chatbots is one of the most important aspects for an e-commerce to advance, because they allow the needs of the audience to be identified and their interests to be profiled.

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For example, one of the questions in a chatbot could be. How would you describe yourself”, and with this we already generate a categorization. Some variables that allow us to feed the profile of said buyer. Remember that when you identify the needs of your users, you can offer them the products they are interested in. Thus increase the sales volume of your virtual store. Product prices With marketing automation tools you can also set the prices of the products in your online store. These fixations vary according to the behavior of. The audience and help make the offers totally irresistible. automate marketing. Marketing actions Email marketing works very well in this regard. Because it will allow you to segment campaign shipments to promote an irresistible offer.

Automated Emails Can Be Used

According to the analysis of your customer data. These can be sent when a new customer arrives at your business, for an anniversary, for their birthday. As a purchase reminder, for an offer or promotion, or to know. The opinion about a particular product that they have purchased. Let’s look at an example Suppose we have a contact base. We want to land the context of a percentage that is. Interested in our products. Specifically, we want to attract users who have. Purchased in the electronic store in the last six months and who have carried an amount that exceeds USD 100. What do we do? Incentivize them to buy again! So, we take the list of information about these customers and the analysis tells us that they bought pillows.

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