A Data Management strategy aims to make the necessary data available to business users, not only to support them in business activities and decisions with respect to the current context but also by virtue of what could be future scenarios. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) collect data, organize it and share it with other marketing technology Switzerland Phone Number systems. DMPs collect data from a variety of internal and external sources. On the one hand, there are therefore internal business applications.

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Once the data is collecte. The DMPs organize it to build a profile of each individual customer (the data in the DMPs is usually anonymous) defining the rules. For when that person visits a website or calls a call center. Once the information has been acquire, the DMPs share it with digital advertising platforms and internal marketing channels so that these systems know which ads or contents to send and to whom. DMPs in turn collect ad performance information to analyze and improve future campaigns. The main activities of a DMP can therefore be summarize in four steps. Data collection from various sources.

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How to do data management with the right platforms

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