Top Sales Trends for 2024

With ai penetrating almost every aspect of our lives by 2023. Sales leaders are already witnessing enormous transformations. In the industry—automation, data analytics, and high productivity for beginners. Many ai adopters have seen conversion rates and sales productivity improve by 10-30%. What other revolutionary trends will we see explode this time next year? This is something sales leaders should keep an eye on. Table of contents [ show ] Trend. Using ai for efficiency according to the state of sales report , performance is one. Of the most important trends in sales. Typically, sales reps spend only 28% of their. Week actually selling, which means they spend 72% of their time on administrative and other tasks. Ai has the potential to save significant time by handling these routine tasks.

Freeing your team to spend

More time building customer relationships and selling. Getting started with AI may seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Start with the basics. Invite your entire organization to B2B Email List a brainstorming session in which the team identifies their most time-consuming tasks. From there, divide into groups and ask each group to research the best AI tools to improve the efficiency of those processes. Come back together to share results and create an action plan. Trend 2: Prioritize human connection I’ve heard salespeople and sales leaders call 2010-2022 the golden age of sales. Companies can drive growth using tested strategies and processes: email templates, cold calls , demos, attractive discounts. But as times change, techniques must follow.

Prioritizing authenticity and human

Connection is key, giving you a leg up on your competitors by building trust. Start by being curious about who your customers are and what’s important to BEB Directory them. Try inviting a few customers to have lunch and learn with your sales team. Ask them to walk your team through some of the problems they deal with every day, and leave time for you and your team to ask questions. After your team completes these calls, come back together, discuss the results, and come up with a plan to address the trends you discovered. By taking a less scripted and more humane approach, you can start to see better results. Trend 3: Building a data-driven culture Plain and simple, companies that use data to drive decision making are more likely to hit their revenue goals than those that don’t – 58% more likely. 

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