These changes, which are among the most significant since the creation of the company, have been effective since November 20, especially with regard to the Vatican City Email List removal of the tweets counter. Why was Twitter taken such a step which could have a negative impact on Twitter shares? This article will attempt to answer this question by giving some reasons for this decision. Removing the tweet counter: a measure to save money? The reasons for Twitter’s decision to remove the tweet counter are certainly multiple, but one of the most credible could be economic. Indeed, everyone knows that maintaining a feature is not only difficult but also very expensive.

The idea of ​​saving money may have been one of the main motivations for this decision. The server resources allowing the display of a large number of tweets simultaneously are extremely important. The company, which intends to find reliable solutions to its repositioning, has rather seen fit to allocate these resources to other parts of its site. Clearly, Twitter does not see the point of rebuilding its tweet counting function. It is for this reason that the social network simply deleted it. Server maintenance costs are very high. In addition, additional engineering resources are necessary to guarantee a perfect functioning of this functionality where its reconstruction would be considered.

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What the company cannot afford at one point in its history, it has experienced some upheavals, whether internally or not. Twitter needs to pick up the slack in terms of its finances, and removing the fairly costly to maintain tweet-sharing counter would be one of the appropriate solutions. Is this an act of laziness? Besides the economic aspect, many people think that this decision to remove the tweet sharing counter is nothing more than an admission of laziness or even a glaring lack of creativity on the part of the network. social. This function could have been simply rebuilt to make it less demanding on server resources.


But instead, the company has found no better way to remove this feature that is so important to its market for shares. More than a gesture of laziness, Twitter is showing recklessness in making such a decision. It takes a lot of courage to take such a measure, the consequences of which we know on the population of its brand among users. It is clear that it is not the technical and human resources that are lacking in the social network if it decides to implement its project to reorganize the Tweet button on its new platform. She just saw fit not to take that step and maybe give up the tweet counting feature for good.

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twitter tweet A decision with many negative consequences for the social network Twitter Whether planned or not, the consequences of the removal of the tweet counter announced by Twitter on September 22 are palpable and the company will have to take full responsibility. The effects of this decision are certainly multiple but identified. We can cite in particular a reduced importance of the social network with certain actors such as webmasters. They will have no other choice but to remove the Tweet button completely from their articles. Similarly, the prevalence of the tweet counting feature in a multitude of applications is expected to be drastically reduced.

For others, it will be necessary to consider quite simply removing this function. Whether it is one or the other, these decisions will have an impact on the interest that webmasters or application developers have in the social network Twitter. It is also that removing the tweet counting feature will reduce the number of tweets. The crowd effect based on successful Twitter shares will disappear with the removal of this feature because users will not see the need for clicking the Tweet button.  Already Twitter shares have suffered a significant drop since the entry into force of this measure from November 20.

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