In addition, make sure that your structured markup is present on the mobile version and on the desktop version. If in doubt, test both versions of your website with the Kuwait Email List structured data test tool on Google Search Console . When adding structured data to a mobile site, avoid adding irrelevant data. If you are a site owner with a mobile version and a mobile version, don’t forget to add the mobile version to Google Search Console. No modification of canonical URLs is required. Google will use them as a guide to serve the right results for internet users who search on desktop or mobile.

If you are building a mobile version of your site, keep in mind that a functional desktop-oriented site may be superior to a broken or incomplete mobile version of the site. It’s best to build your mobile site and launch it when you’re ready. If your site is not mobile compatible , we recommend that you make it responsive rather than creating a mobile version. Indeed, a 100% mobile site does not display as much content and has fewer links than a responsive website. These points are very important for SEO. It is best to consider a redesign of your website . This will allow you to create a website with a Mobile First Webdesign and to provide additional content accessible on both versions.

Some Tips For Seo

Be careful not to abuse the amount of hidden content on the mobile version. You may need to consider going through a CDN infrastructure to improve the performance of your site. Another criterion will be decisive for optimizing your positioning in the mobile first index: the loading time. Even if no Google announcement has been made on the subject, optimizing load times will be essential. With the postponement of the deployment of the mobile first index, this gives you a reprieve of a few months. The changes will therefore be for 2018 while knowing that mobile research is still progressing. Do not wait until the last moment to adapt your site, your visitors will thank you.


Do not hesitate to contact us to check the “Mobile First” compliance of your website. The deployment of the mobile first index is already in the test phase on certain sites, it should accelerate in the coming months. Now is the time to get ready! A redesign of website is to change its appearance in depth with a new Web design . A website redesign is a fundamental intervention on the visual aspect of a website and in many cases on its structure as well. Depending on your redesign project, your objectives and the “state” of your website, the redesign intervention will be more or less cumbersome. It is the analysis of your project that will determine the extent of your website redesign.

In The Event That Your Site Is Too Dated

The visual overhaul : it is characterized by the modification of the Webdesign, some modifications to the level of the content, the tree structure and possibly the addition of functionalities. The  visual and structural overhaul : it is both a makeover of the site’s design and its structure, accompanied by profound changes in the tree structure. A structural overhaul often involves a change of CMS (content management system) . Visual and structural overhaul of the websiteVisual and structural overhaul of the website Redoing a website requires skills in ergonomics, web design, development, integration and SEO.

The steps for a website redesign are almost the same as for a website creation . Once the redesign project has been defined and the site content has been validated, the stages of redesigning a website are: Development : implementation of a CMS, customization of the administration console, development of site functionalities, etc. Content integration: integration and layout of text content, integration of images, proofreading of content, etc. SEO : identification of the right keywords, optimization of title tags, content, internal networking, redirects, etc. Testing : validation of all development and testing of all functionalities before going online. All these steps are orchestrated by a web project manager to obtain optimal results.

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