Then, with movements of the finger, you can deform it as you please. You will be able, for example, to stretch your ears, lengthen your nose or even slim down. 19 – Yo Android iOS 19. yo No matter how much you look, you won’t find Seychelles Email List an application simpler than Yo, which is only used to… say this word to someone you are talking to. Don’t laugh! Useless as it is, it has been downloaded by millions of mobile users and has even raised $ 1.5 million in funding from investors in the United States. 20 – Android cat sounds 20. cat sounds Meows, growls, purrs… The Sounds of cats application contains 45 different sounds of cats. You can use them to personalize your smartphone ringtone and send them by WhatsApp, email and MMS.

In addition, when the Prank mode (“a joke” in French) is activated, the phone emits the sound only when it is moved. 20. cat sounds 2 The Cat Sounds app was designed for Android, but the App Store has plenty to spoil cat lovers too. There you will find many similar applications. To sum up: how do you build a profitable app? Too simple to be of any interest? “Too simple” does not exist in the world of mobile applications . Utility is not always a criterion of importance either. Mobile users surrender to any form of complexity and… love to play. Games, not without reason, are the category that generates the most downloads on the stores.

Because The App Store Does

What is an SEO consultant? What is his mission ? What is his profile, his salary? What is an SEO consultant? The   main objective of an SEO consultant (SEO for Search Engine Optimization ) is to increase the visibility and audience of a website . The term SEO consultant is the most used and searched for on Google, but there are a few variations for the same activity: SEO consultant, Organic SEO Consultant, SEO Officer, SEO consultant, Natural SEO, Web SEO, Internet Consultant, SEO manager, SEO expert, … As a reminder, the audience and the positioning of a website on search engines depend on the quality of its referencing. This is where the SEO consultant comes in .


The mission of the SEO consultant The mission of the SEO consultant is to position web pages in the first results of Google (without forgetting Bing and Yahoo) on specific requests to increase its traffic. There are certainly application projects that arise from a real social need, which require the writing of complex algorithms and the intervention of numerous experts. It is, however, quite possible to create an application capable of conquering the hearts of mobile users with a simple idea and a tight budget.  To improve the positioning of web pages and by extension their visibility, the SEO consultant uses at least four levers:

Users Have Been Tempted By Watching

The technique with the optimization of the structure of the website carried out from the design stage or following a technical audit (the tree structure, loading times, meta-tags, etc.), Optimizing the content of each page through the choice of relevant keywords and web writing, Netlinking with the creation of good back links or ” back links ” to improve the reputation of the site, Analysis of user signals and their  behavior on the site. The activities of the SEO consultant The main activities of the SEO consultant are as follows: Carrying out a technical and editorial audit  : semantic analysis, choice of keywords, positioning report , identification of blocking factors, analysis of inbound links, etc.

The development of an  SEO strategy  : definition of objectives, technical recommendations, choice of keywords, technical optimization of the site, optimization of content, netlinking … The implementation of SEO actions  : implementation of SEO actions, drafting of meta tags, implementation of netlinking , content marketing and optimization of editorial content … Monitoring and reporting of SEO actions: monitoring the implementation of recommended SEO actions, monitoring the positioning of pages in Google results on targeted keywords, traffic and conversion analysis, etc. Technological and competitive watch :  watch over search engine algorithms, referencing techniques, technological developments, referencing practices of competing sites and partners, etc. SEO consultant activities.

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