Even if you want to admit it or not, books enrich our lives and souls in many ways. They are our best friends and the best allies that give us strength and encouragement during difficult times. Books teach us how it is to feel anger, happiness, delight, and sadness at the same time and also help us to rediscover ourselves. But do you know what’s even greater than reading a good book that provokes so many feelings in us? The opportunity to share it with the people who have the same passion as we have. And this is why book clubs were invented. Through book clubs; book lovers all around the world like to gather and discuss their favorite novels, characters, plots, and imagine together another ending for the story.

It’s a really great way to stay connected with people who also enjoy literature, storytelling, and everything related to these topics. By joining or starting a book club; you expand your horizons and feel that you’re doing something productive and cultural for a couple of hours. And you’ll never have this miserable feeling that you’re wasting Cyprus Phone Number time or life. Today’s article gives you some book club ideas that can really boost your next meetings. Be it the owner of a book club or a simple attendee; take them into consideration and make the most of them in the future. You’ll see how enjoyable and accessible they are. Being part of a book club has never been more thrilling! Top 5 book club ideas to boost your next meetings: 1.

Choose A Different Book

Genre every month different book genre We can all admit that it’s really difficult to choose a book every month that would appeal to all club members. You know what they say, so many different people, so many different tastes. One of the best solutions that would please everybody would be to choose a book of a different genre every month. For instance; in January you can have a mystery novel, in February a romance, in March a thriller, in April a Sci-Fi and so on. And you can give everyone the opportunity to choose the desired book and genre. In this regard; the book club will remain fresh and exciting and you all will discover books and authors you may never have taken into account.

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The sky is the limit when you have to pick a good book. Next time someone asks for some book club suggestions that could make some improvements, don’t forget to mention this one too! 2. Match the book you’re currently reading with food book club ideas match with food I can bet you’ll all consider this suggestion one of the best book club ideas ever! Where there is food, there’s love…. and life! If books are supposed to feed your mind and soul; there also has to be real food for your body as well. One way of deciding the food for each meeting is to choose some dish based on a detail or paragraph from the book. For instance, let’s take the novel Moby Dick.

There’s A Whole Chapter

In the book dedicated to piping hot clam and cod chowder! So, for your next meeting, you could all prepare a dish based on seafood. Wouldn’t that be tasty? Another better suggestion in this respect would be to read a cookbook once in a while and to cook dishes from that book. You’ll learn together more recipes and you’ll discover how the same dish can be cooked differently by various people. Try this idea at your next meeting and see how it works. It’s good from time to time to add a “cool” factor to an ordinary book club; so you can make it extraordinary! 3. Always discuss personal impressions based on the book you’re reading book club ideas personal impressions Remember that personal impressions are always a must within a book club.

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