Programmatic buying leverages all of this rich data and automatically matches accurate, high-converting leads to your business. It also simplifies managing your ad purchases with one or a few interfaces to work with.

Not manually managing individual placements doesn’t mean ads shouldn’t be tested and criteria shouldn’t be changed. But programmatic buying can help place ads across multiple platforms in a multitude of media.

In other words, you get a lot of media coverage, but only the most valuable customers for your business see the ads. Use the time saved to create better content.

 Measure Meaningful Numbers

Our big data economy is giving rise to Germany Phone Number more means, more programs and more services that help you analyze data. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the metrics that everyone measures or marketers cite as proof that ads work. Sometimes these numbers conflict with each other.

For example, a study by xAd found that the almost universally tracked metric, CTR, negatively affects secondary actions such as phone calls. Optimizing ads for CTR increased the rate by 38%, but caused the secondary action rate to drop by 69% – not a good result if your best leads come from phone calls.

By focusing on the numbers that matter to your business, you’ll reduce analysis clutter and improve your ability to make good business decisions.

9. Embrace e-commerce

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The advantages of automated tools and e-commerce seem obvious. Yet SMEs are slow to adapt – for example, only 5% of restaurants have adopted automated tools such as online ordering or reservations.

The hurdle for local businesses is likely the time and adjustments needed to overhaul the current system and the fear of disruption due to change.

Overcome this fear by thinking about it as if you were cleaning out your closet. You have to clear it out, and the rest of your room can look like a mess until you purge, organize, and put things back together. But investing in automated tools will pay off quickly and for a long time.

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