topic in the industry, and Yoast, HubSpot, and Search Engine Land are only some of the web resources that talk about it. Formerly known as Google Feed, it experienced a great transformation during the last years, taking the form of Google Discover that now includes evergreen content, news, and visuals. Google uses machine learning and AI to fill its users’ feed. The tools use the user’s search history to provide them with engaging content.

Over the last months, Google Discover became very sophisticated and picky when selecting the websites that contain content worthy of appearing in the users’ Discover section. Read our Google Discover tips to find out how Google indexes the content it promotes in the Discover feed.

Story features

If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, you’re probably familiar with the notion of stories. Stories have gained tremendous popularity recently because they increase the chances of discoverability. Social media platforms make story creation accessible to everyone by providing them with all the tools they need to Kenya WhatsApp Number List develop high-quality content. Stories cater to the public’s lifestyles and provide them with content to match their preferences.

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What to avoid in content marketing?

Don’t limit the content to text plus graphics

It’s surprising that most people still equate content with traditional text blogs and an image accompanying it. Video is effectively helping companies to sell sophisticated products and services. The audiences’ attention span has decreased over the last years, dropping from 12 to 8 seconds in 15 years. So, if you don’t provide them with an exciting piece of information, you lose them in less than 10 seconds.

Therefore, instead of writing long-form blogs, switch to explainer videos to create blog content that engages the audiences. Forbes Insights revealed that the average internet user watches 2.7 minutes of an online video before pausing or stopping it. Now think about the amount of information you can convey in 2.7 minutes, compared with how much you can tell in a text the user reads in 8 seconds.

Don’t rely solely on SEO

SEO isn’t the only factor that draws leads to your website. Your competitors are probably counting only on SEO to attract the public, so you have to come up with something new. It would help if you did more than the traditional keyword optimization all websites are doing.

Breaking into the first results on Google isn’t something that happens overnight and implies efforts in different sectors. Content marketing is a long-term strategy that can help you rank higher in search engines. But don’t count on Google’s algorithm to keep you there while you reach the top position.

Besides creating high-quality content on your website, build additional content for your social media platforms to develop a following that promotes your content through various channels. There’s no proven method to work in building a following, but it seems that an effective one implies motivating visitors to check your website and come back.

Final thoughts

2022 is only a new date on the calendar. The content marketing strategies that work this year may not be effective in 2023. Still, if you paid attention to the ones listed in this article.

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