The VPS server uses virtualization technology to deliver the resources to multiple users. More secure and reliable than shared hosting, it is also the cheapest solution. The server, whatever its form, is a computer that Afghanistan Email List stores information about your website. As soon as a visitor accesses your website, their browser sends a request to your server. A file transfer is done and your visitor can surf freely on your web space. This type of hosting then provides a virtual server that simulates a physical server. In addition, this technology offers the possibility of partitioning the server and thus using its own operating system. Thus, your VPS server may or may not be equipped with a Cpanel. This control panel is an operating system offering all the tools necessary to configure your site.

It provides quick access to various CMS , customizable messaging or even security access to your server. These accesses are essential if you do not have any technical knowledge in server programming. Otherwise, if you are using your own operating system, a lot of technical knowledge will be essential to make your site as secure as possible. Completely controllable, the VPS server promotes the configuration of your website and offers it a secure receptacle with reliable resources. Indeed, the memory, disk space or even the processor of this server are not shared between the users. A gain in power felt by visitors to your website. The VPS server is not the only hosting solution available on the market. Indeed, there are 3 different types of servers, all using different technology. Among these we have:

Shared hosting is a practical

And economical solution for site owners who do not have high traffic. This type of server is perfect for a blogger or a small business. The physical server benefits from shared hosting between the different clients of the hosting company. There is a sharing of resources. So if your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, resources go to sites with more traffic. The cloud gives you access to a cluster that stores an updated copy of your website. To put it simply, when a server is too busy, the cluster sends your traffic to another more free server. This infrastructure in the cloud applies to a VPS server offering your visitors significant speed on your web space.

Finally, dedicated hosting gives you the use of a full server that can be rented by your business. This solution is ideal for sites with high traffic. However, going through a dedicated server is not for everyone. Indeed, in addition to the very high cost of this type of accommodation, it will not be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses. VPS hosting is THE ideal solution, customizable and adapted to all customer profiles. The VPS server has many advantages that are worth highlighting. Indeed, this server is. Immune against traffic peaks which could slow down the site or significantly affected (crash, shutdown …). More confidential, your files and databases are completely locked and secure against attacks.

This involves responding to the problems

That your prospects might encounter, and imagining the words they will type in the search engine to find solutions, and this taking into account any errors in French or abbreviations they could write frequently. Keywords are expressions that an Internet user will use to type their query in a search bar. The main keyword of your article should be as close as possible to frequent searches made by your prospects. Then come the relevant derivatives of the main keyword. There are particularly good places to put keywords on web pages. This is the case for headings H1 and H2 , and the first paragraphs of an article. The H1 is the main title of the article, and the H2 are the subheads that structure the article.

The hat, or the introduction, is also a place to look if you want your site to be considered relevant by Google. At the end of the article, the ideal place to place a keyword is on a link that takes the prospect to another page. The content of a website must be enriched regularly . It is absolutely necessary to continually write new articles so that Google continues to analyze the pages of your website, and places it in its best suggestions. Google robots inspect the loading speed of each page, and the site’s compatibility with the different platforms used (smartphones, tablets, etc.). They also check security certificates (SSL). The user experience on your site has to be pleasant to earn the top of the Google pages.

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