There are very many variables at play in an seo campaign. So successful campaigns rely on a system of controls to ensure that the work undertaken. Is delivering results. Key performance indicators (kpis) act as this control system and allow. You to identify what is working – and often more importantly provide seo with an early warning system if something is not moving the needle like foreseen.

From a reporting and customer retention perspective. You also need to be able to clearly communicate why a given tactic. Like guest blogging or digital pr is important. Rankings are not enough. Rankings do not directly equate to more business. We need to add more connective tissue to clearly link our reports to the stated goals of the business we serve. We need to be able to clearly show that a given tactic improves. Our clients’ bottom line and brings them closer to their strategic goals.


If a client comes to you and asks you to rank for a certain keyword

In this article, I’ll look at how you can use Bahrain WhatsApp Number List KPIs to better track the success and improve the results of your SEO campaigns. And perhaps most important of all, I’m going to show you how to use KPIs to better illustrate the value of SEO campaigns you undertake for your clients.

Improved results, reporting and customer retention – what’s not to like?

Objectives and KPIs


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To accurately measure seo success we need to know what we are trying to achieve. And the different steps needed to get there. If we have followed a structured methodolog.Y to create a digital marketing plan, we will have identified specific goals for the business. And our marketing. Our kpis should align with these goals. Allowing us to clearly demonstrate how the activities we undertake in an seo campaign are helping us achieve our business goals.

If a client comes to you and asks you to rank for a certain keyword, you need to dig deeper. You have to ask, “Why? Why do you want to rank for this keyword? What do you think this will bring to your business? You want to develop a strategic understanding of why the client wants more relevant traffic from a search engine and understand the real business goals at stake.



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