leaving Android users alone in the game. . They are now 500,000 . 12 – iFrenchKiss iOS 12 iFrench-Kiss To keep track of your mobile marketing campaigns, there are Serbia Consumer Email List tools available online such as Google Analytics. To have a scientific analysis of your kissing technique, you can use the iFrenchKiss application , currently only available on iPhone. This “kiss analysis engine” , as its creators describe it, will allow you to estimate your skills in French kissing and smooching. All you should do is … kiss your iPhone screen. As the app’s creator points out, “use your common sense and don’t drool all over your phone.

It is not known how many times this app has been downloaded, but the large number of notes left suggests that its use has grown widely. 13 – iBer Android iOS 13. ibiere It was a great idea to come by car to the party. While all of your friends are drinking and enjoying the party, you feel more and more lonely in your sobriety. To end your loneliness, launch the iBeer app which realistically mimics a glass of beer. 13. ibiere-2 Just tilt to drink, and you will even be able to pour beer for other users of this app. iBer has been downloaded between 50 and 100 million times on the Google Play Store, but it is also available on iTunes. 14 – iFart Android iOS 14.

Get Upset If You Touch Her

iFart Competition is fierce in the market for fart sounding apps, both on the App Store and on the Google Play Store. At the head of the pack, iFart maintains itself , which one of the users did not hesitate to proclaim “one of the best applications of all time”, followed by IFart, Sneaky Fart, Atomic Fart, 50 sounds of wax, Fart Sounds, Fart Sounds Prank, Sons Fart or even Fart Bazooka. 14. iFart-2 These mobile applications should not be underestimated, which have a lot more to offer you than a few good times of fun. We can, for example, use it to scare people away.


Their effectiveness is guaranteed especially in restaurants. 15 – Bubble Wrap ® iOS 15. bubble wrap r You will need to invest 99 cents to download Bubble Wrap® , but you will finally have an endless roll of bubble wrap that you can burst at any time. The application is available on iPhone, but for Android you will find the game Bubble Wrap, without ® and designed by another developer. There are also similar apps, all free, including Bubble Smash and Bubble-Smash.  16 – Ant Smasher or Ant Smasher Android iOS 16. ant smasher When you get bored of popping bubbles, you can start smashing ants with the Ant Smasher game available on Android and iOS.

Offer To Give You A Virtual Hug

The creators of this mobile game had a good idea to gradually complicate it: the ants move faster and faster and, at some point, the bees appear that should not be touched as they hover over the screen. 16. ant smasher 2 Don’t be ashamed to go for it; there are already at least 100 million ant squashers in the world, some of whom are quite addicted to this curious pastime. 17 – Milk the cow Android iOS 17. milk the cow Have you noticed? Successful apps include those that allow us to do what we’ve always loved to do, even before the arrival of smartphones, like crushing plastic bubbles and popping buttons.

Milk the cow 2 There are also the applications thanks to which we can finally make our childhood dreams come true! With the game Milk the cow , for example, you can try your hand at milking a cow, or even organize milking competitions with your friends. Available on iPhone and Android, this free game has been downloaded several million times. 18 – Photo Warp Android 18. photo warp 1 There is no shortage of image editing tools on the blinds. However, they can seldom boast of having comparable success to Photo Warp which generated at least 40 million downloads .

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