Inbound marketing is a marketing technique that consists of bringing the customer to you rather than going to canvass him. The end goal of permission Slovakia Email List marketing is to continuously increase the permission level . This corresponds to the degree of influence of the brand on the consumer . How to implement this technique and how to profit from inbound marketing? What is inbound marketing? Definition: The inbound marketing  (or inbound marketing in French) is a marketing strategy with a different approach than traditional marketing. The goal of inbound marketing is to attract prospects with quality content and then convert them into customers without having to canvass them.

The Inbound Marketing is an American term from 2006 invented by the publisher of the HubSpot software. The concept of the Inbound Marketing  is similar to  Permission Marketing  (marketing permission) developed by Seth Godin, marketing guru on the net. Why use inbound marketing? This new approach to marketing is both the result of the rise of the Internet and the fruit of an observation that we owe to Hubspot. The observation is as follows: Consumers have evolved in their daily life, their work, their purchasing behavior, without companies adapting to it. Consumers educate themselves, research products and services, make purchasing decisions, and share their opinions and experiences differently.

Often Far Removed From The Web

Control of the sales channels and more than ever ignores traditional sales and marketing messages. However, companies have continued to apply the same sales and marketing methods for over a decade. Sources: The vocation of inbound marketing is to bridge the gap between consumer behavior and business tactics. How to set up an inbound marketing strategy in 4 steps? The implementation of an inbound marketing strategy must respect a certain methodology. Respecting this 4-step methodology will allow you to take full advantage of it. Step 1> Make sure to be found by your targets and generate traffic on your website thanks to:


Writing articles with quality content on your blog, Production and promotion of videos, The choice of keywords to position according to your products and your targets, The SEO optimizing your content for search engines and Google in particular (SEO) , Use of social networks to distribute your content (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Viadeo, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Dailymotion, SlideShare, etc.). Step 2> Generate leads on your website with: Some call-to-action (call to action) at the end of each of your blog posts and on the most strategic pages of your website, The creation of  landing pages (landing pages) with destination a custom contact form, The personalization of the user experience with specific home pages according to your different targets,

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Capturing as much information as possible about your unknown visitors through forms in exchange for a white paper , infographic, eBook or special offer. inbound marketing Step 3> Convert your prospects into customers by: The culture of contacts, nurturing (prospects are matured so that they develop and prosper according to a defined rhythm) , The regular sending of a targeted mailing with personalized offers (marketing automation), The classic telephone contact for the most mature prospects. Step 4> Retain your acquired customers for: Turn them into ambassadors for your products and your brand, Offer them an additional sale of products or services, Improve your brand image and your notoriety.

An inbound marketing strategy allows you to create a real relationship with your prospects (the use of social networks allows this easily) . It allows you to adopt personalized and non-intrusive marketing while breaking down the border between your company or your brand and your target. Inbound marketing is largely based on the creation of value-added content (writing white papers, blog articles, etc.). In summary, the primary objectives of an inbound marketing strategy are: Inform your visitors about the nature of your activities, Demonstrate your expertise, Create a strong universe around your products and your brand to make your prospects want to join you.

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