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We have compiled a selection. Well , now when you hear the word parsing. You will no longer nod your head meaningfully , but will rush to collect data about the client and analyze his activity. Scroll below to refresh your Knowle or find out the meaning of a new term. A funnel is the path that a client takes from. The first acquaintance with a company or product to purchase. Virality is the property of a post that you want to share. Daily limit the amount of funds per day. Upon reaching which the display of advertisements is suspend.

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Donor is an account whose target. Audience is most suitable for photo editing servies promoting your profile. Clickbait is content that attracts attention and encourages users to click on a link. Landing is a one page website , a page for selling a product. A lead magnet is a gift to a potential client in exchange for his contact information or subscription to an account/newsletter. Parsing is the collection of a database of the target audience according to specific criteria using special services. Pixel is a tool that collects users who came to the site from an advertisement.

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Placement is the place where advertisements are shown. On BEB Directory Facebook and Instagram. Promo post is a publication that can be promote outside of your commercial account. In other words , this is advertising in the news fee. Twelve is an active Twitter user who devotes a lot of time to this social network. Smart fee is an algorithm that builds. A user s fee in accordance with his interests. Previously, posts on social networks were publish in chronological order. The advent of the smart fee allow users to display those publications that they like in users ‘ news Feback response , response.

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