As a business owner, you surely own a website and you certainly want it to be accessible by all Internet users? Nothing more normal ! The web accessibility is important Luxembourg Email Addresses and its improvement is all the more for visibility, good accessibility, you will. One of the components of digital accessibility, meaning people with disabilities can use it. These people can perceive, understand, navigate, interact with and contribute to the web. This is why the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) launched the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) in 1997 , translated as “The Web Accessibility Initiative ” . Its main mission is to offer technical solutions to make the Internet more accessible to these people mentioned above.

The public benchmark for deployment in France is WCAG 2.0 , the “unified methodology for assessing web accessibility” . Also, these rules group together several recommendations to make web content more accessible. To know if your website is easily accessible, you must check whether it meets the criteria of WCAG 2.0, namely Level A and AA. Namely: Article 47 of Law No. 205-102 of February 11, 2005 specifies that the online public communication services of State services, local authorities and public establishments which depend on them must be accessible to People with Disabilities. There must be enough contrast between the background color and the text. Tools that can allow you to check this contrast: color contrast analyzer, WCAG Contrast Checker,

Contrary To What One Might Think

They are only useful on links if they take their titles and complete them with additional information to make it more explicit. The image must have a text alternative with the “alt” attribute. You can check the presence of these tags with web browser developer tools or SEO software such as Yooda SeeUrank . For each page, the code validation must conform to the grammar declared at the start of the page. The World Wide Web Consortium Validator can help you improve your code’s compliance. HTML code inspection and CSS rules are applied to every element of the code. To check that this is respected, you can use the Firebox Firebug extension. A visually impaired or blind person browses using a screen reader which reads the content of a web page to him by voice or displays its content on a braille tablet.


Tools such as NVDA or Jaws allow visually impaired people to access the content of your web pages, provided they comply with the main accessibility rules. To measure the web accessibility of a website, the BrailleNet association has created the AccessiWeb quality label  . At the end of a site evaluation process, an accessiWeb Bronze, Silver or Gold label is awarded according to its level of accessibility. Web accessibility is an issue too often neglected by website editors. Is your website accessible to everyone? Call on the expertise of a web agency  to test your site and make corrections to make it more accessible.

Tthe Web Is Not Accessible To Everyone

Did you know ? In terms of SEO, indexing and referencing are two complementary but very different concepts. For those new to SEO , it is not uncommon to use the terms indexing and SEO in the same way . And to believe that it suffices for a web page to have been indexed by search engine robots to be immediately propelled into the first places of the results. However, these two concepts are at the same time complementary… and very different! To avoid confusion, here’s a point on the indexing and SEO steps. Using the terms “indexing” and “referencing” interchangeably is a fairly common mistake.

And for good reason: if your web page has been correctly indexed by search engines, it is not absurd to think that it will appear again in the results. It also happens that the algorithms of the engines convey this error, because the search profile of the user tends to distort the criteria of referencing. Thus, if you have just created a page of your website with a specific keyword, it is possible that this page appears first when you type the query in question in the search bar… Not because it would have benefited from a lot of SEO work, but simply because the engine takes into account subjective criteria (history of requests and clicks, geographic location, etc.) to deliver results to you.

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