if that has increased traffic to their stores or, better yet, increased sales as a consequence; however at this point, if the purpose was to get people talking about the brand, the mission is accomplished Sri-Lanka Phone Number. Unfortunately, that is no longer enough, when the sentiment about what is said about the brand. On social networks such as Twitter , for example, most of the opinions are negative and are accompanied by the hashtag #TiemblaTottus, which has had a potential reach of 2.5 million users in the last few weeks

As Shown By Topsy And It Is Affecting

Your online reputation. Statistics. Tremble Totes on Twitter Let’s see, how is Tottus reacting so that this campaign does not affect its brand reputation? 1. Has taken an attitude of responding to the consumer and not confrontation. Although they have not been very active on social networks like Twitter with responses to user opinions. On Facebook we can see that they are doing a good job, without losing their humor and with short answers. They affirm their campaign promise and support for the selection.

Sri-Lanka Phone Number

One Step Closer To Reaching

We must be clear that every movement of the company must revolve around taking care of its online and offline reputation. Building trust with its audience. Comments on Facebook Tottus Copa America 2015 2. An authorized representative of the brand has come out to confirm the promise of the campaign. It is important to give a human face to the campaigns and communications made by the company. In this case, the face of the campaign is a famous sports journalist, but seeing that the Peruvian team has reached an instance of getting

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