The design of a web interface (UI) must take into account the user experience (UX) in order to offer the best possible experience in terms of navigation, the internet Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List user is placed at the heart of the reflection. IU is the acronym of User Interface and User Interface in French. A user interface allows a human to interact with a machine. In the case of a computer, the user interface is made up of the elements that allow interaction, namely. A user interface [whether textual, graphic or web] allows interaction between human and machine. In the case of a web application, the user interface  (UI) is a web interface materialized by a graphical interface that can be handled with a web browser.

On the design of a graphical interface based on technical standards making it possible to organize the textual and graphic elements of a web page. It also conditions the way in which the application or the website solicits user interactions. However, the UI alone does not meet all the expectations and problems of Internet users, this is where the user experience (UX) comes in. It consists of all the graphic elements contained in the graphic charter of a company or a brand ( logo , color , typography , pictograms , etc.). The design of the user interface makes it possible to set up the navigation, to organize the various graphic and textual elements.

The UI is therefore focused

Free or paid but common ones with graphic elements likely to be found on other sites or other applications. As a web agency , we offer the creation of tailor-made UI kits, corresponding to the client’s needs and in accordance with the specifications transmitted by the latter. When the latter and the models are validated by the client, the integration of the models and the development of the website with a 100% exclusive design can begin. The non-mockup pages will use the graphic elements of the UI kit to ensure the consistency of the whole. There are free and ready-to-use ones to create mobile and web interfaces. These common UI elements make getting started with building a website or app design project quick and easy.


In some KITs, CSS files are present and simply have to be taken over to create web pages. However, be careful because most of these kits are free or inexpensive but for a single license. They include higher fees for a business license. Free Flat UI Kit , a free user interface kit for Adobe Photoshop available at . It offers all the graphic elements necessary for the creation of the UI of a website (navigation, buttons, icons, drop-down lists, search fields). Edacious , a free user interface kit for the web and apps. This kit is available with files in PSD format, it is reserved for the creation of UI of restaurant websites.

Free and compatible for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Xd and Sketch. It includes more than 150 icons, more than 500 vectorized shapes, elements pre-coded in JavaScript,… This type of KIT is much more complete than a simple KIT UI, it is a complete toolbox to create a site or an application from A to Z. You can find more examples of free UI kits on the Internet. Apple, for example, also offers its own. This new set of graphic resources allows you to quickly design iOS applications. The Apple UI KIT is also compatible for Sketch and Photoshop. What to choose between a free or paid “ready to use” and a “tailor-made”? This question joins the one on the choice of the website for your company: a creation from a Template or a 100% exclusive design?

If you download a free one out of the box, you won’t necessarily get all the graphics you want. In addition, you risk using the same graphics resources as one of your competitors. Conversely, an exclusive design UI complemented by a custom UI Kit will allow you to make the most of your graphic charter and strengthen your brand image. Its use can save time and ensure the consistency of an entire web project. And facilitates the design of a website or an application. Warning ! A pre-designed, free UI kit may be incomplete and may graphically resemble that of one of your competition.

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